IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Ltd


Our air-operated, double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are high performing and reliable pumps, renowned in the industry for handling complex liquids at low pressures and flows.

We supply these exceptional AODD pumps suitable for almost any application.

Pump Accessories

We offer a diverse array of pump accessories to complement our excellent pump range. Designed to provide you with complete pumping solutions, our pump accessories include:

  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Filter Regulators
  • Flanges
  • Oil Bottle Assemblies
  • Centre Sections

Our experienced staff will offer instant support for servicing, installation maintenance or any technical queries.

External Gear Pumps

We supply high performance external gear pumps for a range of applications. Our reliable range includes metallic sealed and unsealed pumps essential for liquid containment work. Our non-metallic external gear pumps are can be sealed for use with corrosive and hazardous liquids. Our external gear pumps are supported by bearings on either side to allow for high discharge pressure capabilities.

Vane Pumps

Our vane pumps can be used to transfer liquid chemicals to liquefied gases and provide high volumetric efficiency. Our stainless steel vane pumps are ideal for use with thin, corrosive liquids at high pressure. Vane pumps transfer liquid through a cam-shaped cavity from slots in the rotor.

Lobe Pumps

Our range of lobe pumps offers rotary, gentle and low shear pumping action. Our industrial lobe pumps are suited to high pressure applications with high viscosity loads. We also provide industrial pumps for work requiring cleaning between batches and low flow pumps for metering applications. The low shear and gentle handling of lobe pumps help to minimise product degradation.

Internal Gear Pumps

We offer an extensive range of internal gear pumps for versatile and reliable pumping solutions. Internal gear pumps have a rotating gear at the suction side of the pumps to create a void allowing atmospheric pressure to compel fluid into the pump.

Our selection of internal gear pumps include heavy duty bracket mounted pumps and high speed heavy duty pumps for use with less viscous and clear liquids. We also supply pumps for low pressure and non corrosive applications, pumps for vital liquid containment work and special purpose pumps suited for specific liquids.

Fluid Power Products

Our series of fluid power products include motors, pumps and mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.  Fluid power products are based upon a similar design to external gear pumps but have tighter clearances and are capable of discharging pressure up to 3,000 psi.

Our fluid power products include high pressure hydraulic pumps for power applications and flow dividers, allowing a flow to split equally between two to four actuators. We also supply power transfer units for a diversity of applications and hydraulic motors to drive pumps.

Gear Reducers

Gear reducers with offset or in-line shafts are specifically designed to match pump requirements. Gear reducers reduce a driver's synchronous speed and correct it to a speed suited to the pump and other driver devices. Our offset gear reducers are robustly designed with an adjustable input shaft height. We also supply in-line gear reducers with a space saving designing. These gear reducers are available in a comprehensive choice of ratios.

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