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Many years of research have gone into the design and function of ievo fingerprint technology. The expertise of the team of professionals comes from direct experience working within deployment, installation and integration of security access control systems. Coupled with industry feedback from partners, architects, installers and the end user, ievo products offer a reliable and efficient service.

Biometrics technology has proven time and time again to overcome all of the security issues that card and fob access systems have. The costs of biometric systems coupled with the reliability and effectiveness they offer, have curtailed profits and growth within the industry. ievo is at the forefront of its industry, leading in terms of innovation and design of one of the highest quality biometric readers in the world

ievo has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into existing security systems by utilising the original manufacturers controllers through the use of wiegand inputs, to ensure a smooth and seamless operation for the end user. ievo is the only biometric manufacturer that can seamlessly integrate into Paxton Net2 and is completely embedded into the Net2 software. As the ievo technology scans your fingerprint, Paxton Net2 works to grants access into intended the secured door. In other systems this would require two types of software that would need to be managed to gain entry, therefore by being designed as a 3rd party reader from the outset, the ievo system dramatically reduces time when adding and controlling users on the system, both at point of registration and in the future user management

ievo biometrics also integrate into entry access systems such as: ACT, BSB, PAC, Honeywell, Nortech and CDVI but will also integrate into any access control product that gives out a wiegand input, providing installers the opportunity to offer a reliable and superior biometric product to all new and existing clients.

Biometric fingerprint readers

The ievo biometric product range offers a number of different options enabling easy integration of bespoke door entry and security systems.

The ievo ultimate is designed for exterior use, withstanding harsh environment use and has an IP65 rating. Using multispectral imaging, the ultimate can match up to 10,000 users as standard, can be integrated into existing security systems. The system is fully customisable with available modular additions, up to and after the point of order, and is also fully serviceable.

The ievo micro is the interior model, designed to offer a simple, small and reliable system. Using an enhanced optical sensor to identify 10,000 users as standard, the micro offers enhanced scanning performance. The system is fully customisable with available modular additions, up to and after the point of order, and is also fully serviceable.

Biometric fingerprint readers

External Fingerprint Readers

The ievo ultimate™ was the first fingerprint security product to be launched by leading biometric manufacturer ievo and gained its name through its superior performance pitted against biometric competitors on the market.

The ultimate biometric reader uses a powerful fingerprint sensor to enable multispectral imaging which is coupled with a world leading algorithm to provide a reader that is both reliable and unmatched in terms of accuracy. Designed to function in harsh external environments and with an IP65 rating, the fingerprint reader has been proven to work in temperatures as low as -20ºC. The device also boosts the ability to work through levels of dirt, oil, grease or cream present on the skin as well as with certain types of latex gloves worn by the user to give reliable identification. This is done by utilising 100 recognition points on a fingerprint and allows the ultimate™ to performs a 0% failure when acquiring fingerprint imaging.

Spoof detection is an optional feature which allows the ultimate to distinguish between live human fingerprints as opposed to counterfeit fingerprint images or dummy moulded fingerprints. This feature has catapulted the ievo ultimate into the high security market and has already been at the forefront of many high profile installation including a London department store and many luxury homes. 

The ultimate provides a superior element to access security controlled entry points and is the perfect 'all round' biometric reader. The system is fully customisable with available modular additions, up to and after the point of order, and is also fully serviceable.

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External Fingerprint Readers

Internal Fingerprint Readers

The ievo micro™ is the small, fast and reliable solution to internal biometric fingerprint reader requirements. Offering a powerful optical fingerprint access control reader which is convenient and cost effective for internal use.

The micro boosts an enhanced scanning performance of 10,000 users as standard (with the option of increasing), as well as proximity detection giving you the most user friendly experience. The optical sensor used for advanced imaging allows for unparalleled levels of accuracy when fingers are presented.

The small size means the micro can be installed on the panes or casements of any door, blending perfectly into its installation area. The system is fully customisable with available modular additions, up to and after the point of order, and is also fully serviceable.

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 Internal Fingerprint Readers

Desktop Fingerprint Readers

The ievo desktop registration unit is a fast, efficient and simple way of introducing biometrics into the installation environment.

The ievo USB enrolment device is Windows PC based used where ievo ultimate or ievo micro systems are present to enable simple and efficient user registration and management.

Using AES (128bit) encryption software to link the ievo USB desktop reader to the database of users and the ievo ultimate or ievo micro, the full system provides a robust and fully operational solution to increase security in any access control system.

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Desktop Fingerprint Readers

Customer biometric solutions

ievo has successfully been raising the industry standard in security solutions with the with the consecutive launch of two superior biometric fingerprint readers, the ievo ultimate and ievo micro. This achievement has been made with a careful approach of listening to customer feedback to ensure that ievo products deliver exactly what is required from an access control system.

The custom kit range of ievo products is another level of ensuring customer satisfaction. Depending on the requirement of the project, both the ievo ultimate and ievo micro devices can be custom built to the customer’s needs (without altering the ascetic look or design), via a range of modular upgrades to the existing system*. Modular upgrades can be applied during the ordering process of added to at a later date.

We understand that installation on each project site will be different and access to devices maybe challenging at times. With this in mind the ability to build bespoke devices is both unique and innovative in providing the best solution to biometric access control systems. The modular approach ensures simple servicing/upgrading to existing devices, or replacing damages elements. Less time is spent when servicing is needed and reduces costs of repair as modules can be replaced on site simply without the need to replace the whole device, or return the product to the warehouse for assessment. This also reduces time when systems will be offline, making the system ideal for ‘first fix sites’ or permanent install. As an additional line of security and peace of mind, ievo devices employ a thermal coupling fuse that provides voltage fluctuation protection of between 9-36 volts.

The full range of customisable modular options covers:

  • Card Reader Integration
  • 1:1 Template on card
  • Increased Template Capacity
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Wireless or Bluetooth communication
  • Single Control Board for read in/out devices
  • Two Line Screen
  • Bespoke Colour for devices

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*applies to REV4 system devices and above

Customer biometric solutions


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