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If you have a product idea you want to develop or have issues with an electronics product we can help progress your project into a product.

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Do you want to convert your idea into prototype electronics for evaluation, demonstration and test and to become a finalised and manufacturable product?

If required this can also include project management including compliance testing, technical file assembly and volume manufacturing setup.

We have over twenty years experience of successful electronics based projects in diverse areas including fibre optic communications, the Internet of Things (IOT), and Fire and Intruder Alarm systems. We are also an Authorized Microchip Design Partner.

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Reverse Engineering

Reconstruct, refresh and update your data.

If your design needs changes made to change out obsolete components or correct functional issues and the design files are unavailable or in an unusable format we can take the information you have and a sample unit and will reproduce your design, providing all of the necessary files to update, make changes and to allow your product lifecycle to be extended.

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Cost Reduction

Often to get to market with an idea quickly there is a reliance on using pre-approved modules and reference designs.  This is fine while you have first mover advantage but this approach often results in a product which is more expensive than it could be and which at best reduces profit.

Moore's Law ( the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years) also comes into play here through greater device integration and reducing the raw material requirements of manufacturing similar performing designs through smaller device features.

We are experts at reviewing product costs and identifying ways of reducing the component count which helps reduce manufacturing costs, finding alternate parts which still meet the required quality and performance from alternate vendors and also helping you negotiate purchase costs of existing parts.  This approach together with simplifying product assembly and production can result in a 20-30% saving on manufactured product costs, a saving which can quickly repay the development and approvals costs of the integrated solution.

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Cost Reduction

Project Management

Your business relies on projects being delivered on time, to budget and being able to achieve the benefits expected in your project business case.  Our project management services apply a recognised, structured project management approach and come with the benefit of almost 2 decades of project experience across UK and EU collaborative projects, SME projects and projects for multinational corporations.

If you have a project which needs reliably managing or a struggling project which needs to be bought back onto track then please get in touch to discuss what you need and how we can help. 

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Project Management

Obsolescence re-design

Obsolescence re-design and PTH to SMT

If you have been manufacturing a product for a number of years there is a high probability that some components will have    progressed along their product lifecycle and are either obsolete or not recommended for new designs.  This brings supply chain issues and can result in significant increases in the price of those components or worse still could prevent you from being able to manufacture that product altogether.

We can modernise your design to extend the manufacturing life. In this process every component is checked to see:

  • Current Product Lifecycle Status
  • Multi-sourcing Opportunities to improve supply chain robustness and price negotiations
  • Whether plated through hole (PTH) components can be replaced with surface mount components (SMT) to simplify manufacturing, reduce costs and improve quality

We then rework your printed circuit board, replacing components as necessary and providing you with a working design which is fully manufacturable with current components and which often costs less than the original ones.  If you have had historical problems with the design these can also be corrected at this stage.

Typically this requires two prototype stages with design testing and client feedback between the two stages.

At the end of the project all design files and documentation are handed over to you so you have the freedom to choose where to manufacture your product.

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Obsolescence re-design

PCB Layout

We have around 20 years commercial electronics design, schematic capture, pcb layout, prototyping, manufacturability and volume production experience in a wide variety of applications including fibre optic communications, fire alarms, control systems, mobilty scooters, fisheries, golf trolleys, intruder alarms, radio frequency communications and oil.

We can take your idea, convert it into formal requirements and deliver the electronics in a manufacturable format. When the functionality is confirmed, we can then finalise the product and provide manufacturable electronics and help achieve the necessary compliance to allow the products to be sold.

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PCB Layout

CE marking

For products sold in the EU it is the manufacturers responsibility to:

· carry out the conformity assessment

· set up and maintain the technical file

· issue the EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

· affix CE marking to the product

Distributors must check the presence of both the CE marking and the necessary supporting documentation.

We have substantial experience of achieving and maintaining compliance for electronics products including battery and mains powered equipment, radio products and fire alarm products including  EN60950, EN 300 220, EN301 489, EN300 113, EN54, EN50130, EN50131.

We can help you to evidence the requirements of the necessary CE marking directives and to produce the technical construction file required.

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Product Development

Product development can be a tricky business with many twists and turns on the way. We can help you through the process to get your products to be reliable, manufacturable and cost effective. We have experience in electronics product development, getting ideas to market and manufacturability.

Take a look at the short video below to get an idea of the process.  Our full brochure can be downloaded here 

Requirements Development

Before starting a design project there are a few important questions to ask:

· What do your customers need?

· How can you meet the products legal requirements?

· What makes this product sufficiently unique?

· Can it be reliably manufactured for the target cost?

For robust product delivery it’s essential to combine customer or market requirements with applicable product standards and an awareness of competitors to produce a requirements specification to work to.

We love this combination of creativity and technical understanding which is the first step to creating a successful product.

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Requirements Development

Technical File Maintenance

Technical File Maintenance

We also offer a service to maintain and update the technical file for changes to product, directives and standards which leaves you free to grow your business and develop new products with the confidence that your product continues to meet the changing requirements for placing the product on the market.

For more information about electronics cost reductions click here or download a pdf of our brochure

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