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ISO-accredited IKO Nippon Thompson's wide range of linear motion technology and rolling guides satisfies the growing UK industrial demand for such products. IKO offer comprehensive assistance with design and product selection for standard and specialised applications. All standard linear motion technology products are available for immediate delivery from their Milton Keynes HQ.

With rails just 1mm across, IKO's LWL series is the world's smallest range for applications where miniature size and strength are critical. The LWU range spans considerable distances in 'bridge' or 'cantilever' formats boasting high rigidity against point loads and moment. Slide units travel in Gothic arch raceways in the rails' side. IKO products are manufactured to the highest engineering standards.


Needle roller bearings

Our needle roller bearings have a cross-section height that is very low and a high load capacity when compared with ball bearings. Our needle roller bearings are small and contribute to bringing down the overall machine size. They are used in various applications such as automobiles, motorcycles, printing presses, industrial robots and construction equipment.

Needle roller bearings are rotational motion bearings in which a thin needle-shaped roller is included into a rolling element.

Linear Motion Rolling Guides

We can supply linear motion rolling guides. they are used in the positioning mechanisms of machinery. We supply a large range of linear motion rolling guides so please visit the website or contact us for detailed information.

We have a comprehensive range of sizes from the world's smallest track rail at just one mm wide, to a very large version which provides high rigidity and high-load capacity. The linear motion rolling guide series is widely used in various fields ranging from the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing devices to large machine tools or construction equipment.

Precision Positioning Table

Our precision positioning table series are made using machining techniques and electronics. Our precision positioning table is made up of a direct-acting series, along with a ball screw or motor, incorporated between a bed and a slide table.

Our precision positioning table series varies from a module type table to a high-precision version. The precision positioning table series is used as the positioning mechanism for a variety of applications, from semiconductor manufacturing equipment or flat panel display manufacturing equipment, to precision equipment. .

IKO Worldwide Enquiries

We welcome all enquiries and if you are looking for any of our products such as precision positioning tables, ball screw drives and linear motion drives, contact us through IKO worldwide enquiries.

IKO is the brand name of Nippon Thompson who continue to develop and manufacture quality bearings and linear motion technology.

Contact IKO worldwide enquiries for our full product list and specifications.

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