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At IMIRP we use both the SLA and SLS processes to offer high quality 3D printed models. Our SLA machines have a build bed size up to a 500mm cube and our SLS capacity is 300mm cubed. We are also able to join 2 or more parts together to supply a larger size model.

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Vacuum Castings

Vacuum casting of polyurethane resins, in particular silicone rubber or resin tooling has many advantages to conventional injection moulding. Production can be much quicker, with parts being available in as little as 2-3 working days from the approval of a master model.

Using Polyurethane resins gives us an extensive range to help us find a good match with the production intent material including:







And various other filled plastics.

For more information please visit our website.

Vacuum Castings

RIM Casting

Reaction Injection Moulding is the low pressure injection of polyurethane resin into a mould.

The range of resins available is similar to vacuum casting but production cycle times are much shorter, making RIM the ideal choice either for prototyping or volume production.

RIM Casting

Metal Components

We use a variety of metals including:







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Metal Components

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is an adaptable process which can be used for making a few prototypes or thousands of production parts.

Patterns can be used from  SLA, SLS or machined modelbaord/Aluminium to create vacuum forming tools in just days! These are inexpensive and quick to  manufacture.

Vacuum Forming

CNC Machining

We now offer in-house CNC machining. This is a great option for making larger prototypes in a cost effective way. We can produce parts in a range of metals and engineering plastics. Contact us or visit our website to find out more.

CNC Machining

3D Scanning

Using 3D scanning we provide you with a cost effective solution to producing 3D CAD data from an existing object.

All 3D scanning service requirements are different so please call us with further details so we can provide you with a cost.

3D Scanning
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