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IMO's automation and controls range from single products to complete application solutions. All of these services fully and professionally address the sense, control and switch demands of factory automation and the control environment of the modern age.

Within this automation and controls range, IMO are proud to a offer a five year warranty guarantee on the market leading Jaguar drives. IMO are the only company in the world to offer this and that is on top of a three year warranty on a number of its electronics based control components.

Electronic Components

IMO's electronic components range delivers one of the most comprehensive relay ranges on the current market. This extends the core relay technology in to the PCB component arena.

The automation and controls DIN Rail Terminal within the electronic components range is complemented by terminal block products which ensures that IMO's screw and spring connection solutions cover the full spectrum. This ranges from miniature PCB applications all the way up to large industrial panel requirements.

Industrial and Electronic Component Distribution

IMO are always looking to extend and improve on industrial and electronic component distribution possibilities.

To make sure that IMO's products and services are reaching their maximum potential and being considered by all existing and future customers, industrial and electronic component distribution partners across the UK cover pre-determined geographical territories.

Point of Sale Solutions

Automation and control products are also available through IMO's point of sale solutions initiative consisting of a network of electrical trade-counter partners.

Their push for point of sale opportunities has resulted in having over five hundred sites in the UK alone and an increasing presence overseas. Customers always have easy access to products through IMO's point of sale solutions and it also aids in retaining stocking and purchasing flexibility for the re-seller.

Product Support and Application Training

IMO has a concentrated and ever developing focus on product support and application training. Included is a fully equipped automation suite which allows 'real life' testing of each customers application and it also enables the customer's engineers to train on their own applications.

Product support and application training also extends to seminars which are mostly held at IMO's London Headquarters. They are also currently located at selected sites across Europe and North America. With training sessions in a range of topics from basic motor control knowledge to full system integration, IMO's support and training is fully integrated and available to all customers.

Industrial and Electronic Component Export

IMO understand the importance of growth and control within industrial and electronic component export, which is especially vital in these days of technical and logistical advances across all sectors.

Customer demands are continually met and exceeded by IMO and the worldwide industrial and electronic component export of their products is supported by the inclusion of an expanding network of international distribution partners. Support also comes from subsidiaries in France, Italy and North America which are all backed by multi-lingual technical support at the London HQ.

IMO gives each of its customers complete confidence in its ability to meet all requirements, wherever the location may be.

Systems and Logistics

IMO's North American and European systems and logistics centres are full of some of the world's best-engineered components which support customer business requirements.

Included in the systems and logistics program is the latest bar-coding, EDI, JIT and KANBAN manufacturing solutions via IMO's custom designed computer system. Customers are also able to specify, order and track products right to the front door with IMO's enhanced e-business platform.

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