Impress Group

At the heart of the North East’s engineering industry lies Impress Group. Our services are vast and include press work, sheet metal forming, laser cutting, CNC machining, welding and powder coating.

With over 25 years of experience and with a growing reputation, at Impress Group. we supply a wide selection of engineering components to a variety of market sectors throughout the world.

At Impress Group, we specialise in building to the customer's individual requirements by using the best engineering techniques available. Our rapid response to customer demands allows us to deliver goods on time every time.

Sliding Head Machining

Sliding head machining and lathes with bar feeds allow us to manufacture components to high tolerances in a wide range of materials.

Using micro tooling, we have the capacity to machine parts to extremely high tolerances, with the capability of tapping holes down to 1.5mm in diameter. We are capable of machining diameters down to 0.5mm, working to high tolerances of up to 3 microns.

CNC milling and live tooling enables precision machined products to be produced to exceptional quality standards, for medium and large batch quantities.

We have the capacity to manufacture 24 hours a day, to satisfy customer demand with short lead times.

Sliding Head Machining

Laser Cutting

We provide a first class laser cutting service, Express Lasers have the ability to cut a variety of materials including copper and brass. We are one of the North East’s leading precision laser profiling companies, using first class laser cutting equipment, CAD technology and experience we can offer high-quality products at competitive prices. 

We deliver high-quality precision laser cut components and currently operate a minimum of 156 production hours per week with the option to run"24/7

Express Lasers Trumpf Trumatic L4030 laser profiling machine utilises a flat bed that can utilise sheet sizes of up to 4m x 2m and can laser cut up to:

  • 0.5mm – 25mm Mild Steel
  • 0.5mm – 40mm Stainless Steel
  • 0.5mm – 15mm Exotic Alloy
  • 0.5mm – 25mm Aluminium
  • 0.5mm – 10mm Brass0.5mm – 10mm Copper
Laser Cutting

CNC Milling

Interchangeable tool top plates on our machines dramatically reduce set-up and cycle times, ensuring rapid delivery is achieved. Using micro tooling we have the capacity to machine parts to extremely high tolerances, with the capability of tapping holes down to 1.5mm in diameter.

CNC milling and live tooling enables precision machined products to be produced to exceptional quality standards, for medium and large batch quantities. CNC lathes and milling machines enable us to manufacture a vast product range.

CNC Milling

Specialist Welding Services

Our branch company Impressive Welding boasts coded on-site welders, we provide a specialist welding service taking care of components for both the sub-sea and oil and gas industries.  

Having the capabilities to work with all materials gives us the flexibility to work on all projects and fabrications. Our welding capability covers the following materials:

Stainless Steel
Cast Steel
Tool Steel
Carbon Steels

Market Sectors include:

Sub Sea
Petro Chemical

We also offer repair work on-site for breakdowns minimising the downtime of broken plant machinery / components.

For more information on our specialist welding service, please visit our website

Specialist Welding Services

Sheet Metal Forming/ Bending

Sheet metal forming and bending comprises CNC brake presses, capable of bending a range of materials in various thicknesses.

Heavy investment in a range of Trumpf tooling on brake presses has opened new horizons for sheet metal bending of larger and small components. Having the facility to carry out secondary operations to laser cut parts allows full control of the whole manufacturing process.

Sheet Metal Forming/ Bending

Fabrication Services

We specialise in many fabrication services and the manufacturing of small to medium size components effectively using MIG and TIG processes. We have experience in welding a vast range of materials including stainless steel, duplex, Inconel and tool steel.

Our fabrication shop provides another stage to our production line that compliments all of our in-house processes, integrating both experience and technology.

Fabrication Services

Tab Washer and Special Pressings

We specialise in providing many tab washer and special pressings products in a vast range of materials. Due to our extensive knowledge and understanding, working along side with our enormous tooling capabilities with a global customer base we have the ability in manufacturing a wide range of pressings.

Our tab washers come in any type of material including all the exotics such as phosphor bronze, monel and titanium and we specialise in non standard sizes. Some examples of tab washers in our range include the following:

  • AGS194
  • AGS195
  • AGS518
  • BS5646
  • BS5814
  • DIN432
  • DIN462
  • DIN463
Tab Washer and Special Pressings

Precision Engineering

For Precision-machined components, look no further than Impress Precision Machining. We produce high-tolerance solutions and our CNC machines always produce the highest quality products.

With over 20 years experience in precision engineering, we specialise in manufacturing small to medium precision machined parts.

We provide a one-stop solution to all your engineering requirements, whether you require

CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Wire Erosion 
Specialists Threads 
Sliding Head Machining

We pride ourselves on a quality finish with a quick turnaround and operating as part of Impress Group ensures we have the experience and knowledge to offer a complete sub-contract Engineering Service. 

Precision Engineering

Specialist Coatings

Our coatings division North Eastern Powder Coatings  specialise in electrostatic powder coating and wet paint systems. We offer a cost effective quality surface finish.The newest addition to Impress Group is North Eastern Powder Coatings who specialise in electrostatic powder coating and wet paint systems. We offer a cost effective quality surface finish.

Operating from our state of the art powder coating facility in the North East of England we boast powder coating ovens, which have the capability to powder coat components 2.4 x 2.4 x 6.1 meters and smaller ovens at 5 meters x 2 meters square.

We shot blast to customer specifications our booth size is 2.4 x 2.4 x 7 meters. We have 2 booths for powder coating and 2 booths etching, two pack wet spraying and wet stove enamelling, Also plastic coatings

Providing a wide Variety of colours available to choose from the Ral and British Standard Colour charts and we can also offer made to order powders. Our standard lead time is 3-4 days. 

NEPC also have a comprehensive Wet Paint Coating facility which uses the latest technology to deliver quality surface finishes to our customers. We offer a 3 coat Primer, Intermediate and Top Coat System and our wet paint comes in Gloss, Satin, Eggshell or Matt

Specialist Coatings

Pal Locking Nuts

Specialising in the manufacture of Pal Nuts (DIN 7967), we are a leading supplier to all market sectors.

Manufacturing to customer specifications, any quantity is achievable in the following:

  • Imperial or Metric sizes
  • Sizes from M4 upwards

Our pal locking nuts are manufactured from a range of materials, including the standard mild steel, self colour or hot dip galvanised range. We produce all our own tools in-house and can manufacture non-standard sizes with a rapid lead time.

Pal Locking Nuts

Rapid Delivery

Having an extensive range of different operations all under one roof gives us the ability to oversee the whole manufacturing process. This allows us to have more control and to enhance our lead times.

Our rapid delivery and response to customer demands allow us to deliver goods on time every time. Having the capability of running machines 24 hours a day. With our high productivity rate, an express delivery service is always achievable.

Rapid Delivery


Having gained ISO 9001 quality certification ensures each component we manufacture is of a high quality standard. It improves current methods we use and enhances our efficiency increasing productivity.

ISO enables us to become more organised and approach training needs from a more positive direction. As a company we can look at key areas in more depth to ensure that the best possible training needs are being provided, which guarantees all our workforce are trained to a high standard.


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