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Since our establishment in 1998, we have built a strong and expansive client base from diverse markets through our bespoke design solutions. Included in our innovative design solutions is the use of 3D modelling software.

With 3D modelling software, we enable you to test the practicality of your designs before committing to building prototypes or tooling.

We embrace the most current 3D modelling software supported by continued investment in the latest and most powerful hardware. This means we are able to manage large projects without compromising speed of delivery.

CAD 3D Printing

Our design and modelling services includes the use of CAD 3D printing technology. With our CAD 3D printing, we can print your models to scale or to actual size (dependent on dimensions).

Our Object Eden 250 3D print machine allows for quick prototypes to be made, giving you a physical model of your design at any stage of the process.

Plastic Rapid Prototyping

We offer an innovative and unique mix of practical engineering design and our services and solutions extend to plastic rapid prototyping.

Due to our strong client base, we have assisted many companies with our plastic rapid prototyping. For more information, contact us now.


With our animation technology and capabilities, we enable your teams to present with even greater confidence.

Our animation services ensure your clients have a final say in the product design and engineering by bringing a product to life.

Product Visualisation

We understand the difficulties your designers, engineers and technicians will experience when presenting to your sales teams, potential clients or investors. Our product visualisation technology provides a natural extension of 3D modelling, presenting photo-realistic images. This enables you to show your products in different environments, making your job of selling much easier. Our product visualisation solutions are ideal for operational manuals as your product will be improved technical or aesthetically.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Our skilled team use the process of 3D modelling to test every aspect of your design through digital prototyping. We will identify areas of stress, buckling, and other risks, and provide design solutions utilizing FEA (Finite Element Analysis). Our FEA (Finite Element Analysis) experience and impressive client base means we ensure that your designs are translated into products that work.

In-Cad Services

Here at In-Cad Services, we invest in the very latest 3D modelling software and the most powerful hardware. We are able to manage large projects without compromising speed of delivery. At In-Cad Services we are experienced in manufacturing processes to ensure your design, is cost effective and functional. We work with for single components or products, and assembled machines and process plants.

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