INDASOL Industrial Adhesive Solutions Ltd


Designed to offer High Strength Bonding to a range of substrates as an alternative to mechanical fixings such as welding, rivets and screws. Can withstand extremes of temperature, substrate movement and can pass through powder coating process.

High Temperature Tapes

From Polyesters to Foils and Foams, INDASOL has a range of masking, splicing, sealing and bonding products capable of passing through Powder Coat, High Temperature Ovens, Use under bonnet in Automotive and many more intense applications. We can even replace rivets, screws and welding prior to powder coating

Protection Tapes

Whether you need a temporary or permanent protective surface, we have a product for you. For use in standard transit and installation protection for windows, sheets, profiles, painted surfaces etc, we produce a range of high performance, yet economical low tack tapes. For a permanent protection against chips, dents etc, we have a range of self adhesive films for use in applications such as Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, IT and many more.

Double Sided Tapes

We offer tapes ranging from completely flat/flush bonds to gap filling foams. Our range consists of a full range of tack levels offering permanent fixings as well as removable. Designed for use on interior and exterior bonds, we have a product for all applications

Single Sided Tapes

Produced on a wide range of substrates, our Single Sided Tapes and Foams can be used for bonding, splicing, masking and sealing. With some products capable of withstanding extremes of temperature, chemicals and offering a range of tack levels from permanent to removable, we have a product for every application.

Structural Adhesives

2 Part Structural Adhesives offering high performance, high weight loading bonds to replace mechanical fixings such as rivets, welding and screws. Can withstand extremes of temperature, can be colour matched and can pass through powder coating process. We also have a unique ‘non read through’ material designed for use on delicate surfaces such as ACM, Di-BOND and BCP.


INDASOL SIGN BLOCK is the revolutionary Ultra Lightweight High Density Urethane Foam designed for creating 3D images and letters, finished to whatever look you choose. Carved, cut or sculpted, SIGN BLOCK allows you to create whatever shape you desire and using our INDASOL adhesives, you can laminate and build up your creation to whatever you choose. SIGN BLOCK is incredibly durable, can be used externally and can be painted to whatever finish you choose.

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