Inductive Logic Ltd

Increase your profits with the innovative and time-saving Inductor® range of flameless heat tools.

The innovative Inductor® flameless heat tools have been designed to solve a problem; how to remove old, rusted or corroded parts and fixings, windows, body mouldings, body panels etc - safely, speedily and with control.

There’s no longer any need to use a potentially dangerous torch or open flame to remove parts. This method is unreliable, time-consuming and can damage the area around the part– which all affects productivity, and ultimately the profits you make.

Using automotive tools that use flameless heat mean insurance premiums are lower.

Using Oxy-Acteylene in a bodyshop, garage, automotive repair and refinish workshop is potentially hazardous and insurance premiums are high to cover the risk of an accident.

Instead of the naked flame method, Inductor® flameless heating tools use induction heating, which combined with innovative coils and other accessories, heats the part in seconds for safe and speedy removal. Why not compare the cost with your insurance company – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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