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We are a highly successful business providing a quality sub-contract electronic manufacturer service to the electronics industry. Our sub-contract electronic manufacturer services include the assembly of cables, looms, PCBs, chassis, and panels to customer's specifications. We have had a steady growth rate by developing into new markets while retaining our existing clients by constant attention to customer service. We have an extensive electrical test capability including two sets of "Cirris" Automatic Test Equipment and all assemblies are fully inspected to ensure that they are fault free before leaving our premises

Our internal processes are approved to BS EN ISO9001: 2008 and our quality standards are vital both to our continued success and to maintaining our customers' satisfaction levels. Industrial Electronic Wiring also works closely with its customers to ensure that our ordering and scheduling systems mesh seamlessly with their own thus enabling us to provide a trouble free service whether it is MRP, Kanban, Faxban or J.I.T.

We are proud to provide our services to a range of multinational companies who demand the very highest standards of quality and delivery at the lowest overall cost so please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel we may be able to assist you in any way.

We also have staff trained to IPC610 and IPC620 standard.

Cable Assembly

We are one of the most versatile specialist cable assembly companies in the country. With a service based on many years of experience, we are able to assemble a complete range of cable connectors and terminators, from miniature co-axial to large high-current connectors - from just a few microamps to cables handling in excess of 100 amps.

As well as producing precision hand-crimped assemblies, our modern workshops are equipped with bandolier machines and heavy-duty hydraulic crimping tools. Our expert team are also skilled in making up minute ribbon-cable assemblies.

We are essentially a service provider to electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers. So, in addition to cable assembly, we also undertake chassis and panel wiring, build wiring looms, and assemble specialist PCBs.

In fact, because many of our customers require several aspects of component assembly and wiring to be done, all our services are under one roof and can be readily integrated as one manufacturing process, providing continuity of quality control and economies of production.

Cable Assembly

Chassis and Panel Assembly

We have an established expertise in chassis and panel assembly products. These range from small units for desktop use to large 19” rack-mounted assemblies and cabinets - everything from PCBs and miniature hardwiring to heavy-duty component wiring.

We have many years of experience, and by employing skilled technicians, we can provide you with a quality chassis and panel assembly service that will meet your expectations.

We provide quality work, attention to detail and quick turn-round time. We provide careful inspection and supervision at all stages during the production process. Our quality control meets our customers’ industry standards. Naturally, we have BS EN ISO 9002 accreditation.

Chassis and Panel Assembly

Looms and Harnesses

We are well equipped to offer you the most complete range of looms and harnesses. Our team prepare loom templates from customers’ own drawings and work in every type of cable. They can loom multi-stranded assemblies with lacing cord, cable ties and expandable or heat-shrink sleeving.

Multiple branches are easily created and each cable termination can be fitted with IDC connectors, solder-tinned or crimped for subsequent assembly. The individual branches and cables can be labelled, no matter how minute the cable may be.

All our looms and harnesses are manufactured to our customer’s specification. Industrial Electronic Wiring’s strengths are in our quality work, attention to detail and prompt turn-round time. The key to our success is careful inspection and supervision at all stages during the production process. Our quality control is to the highest industry standards. Naturally, we have BS EN ISO9001:2000 accreditation.

Looms and Harnesses

PCB Assembly

We have a great deal of expertise in PCB assembly covering a range of customers and applications. All boards are manually populated and are hand or flow soldered. Our assembly environment includes an isolated anti-static system.

We have particular experience in fabricating motherboards and similar, large assemblies, involving the fixing mechanical parts as well as small electronic components. Our range of work also includes putting together highly populated boards using flow-soldering as well as skilled individual soldering by hand. Additionally, we can carryout PCB assembly modifications such as track cutting and hard-wired linking.

All our component assemblies undergo a complete visual inspection before despatch, ensuring that all our work is maintained at the high quality and reliability our customers have come to expect from IEW.

PCB Assembly

3D prototype printing

To compliment our 3D CAD service we also offer 3D printing for prototypes.


IEW Ltd is a sub contract electronic manufacturer  building to customer specifications with highly  experienced staff offering a broad range of services

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