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Here at Industrial Interface, our signal conditioning range includes loop powered isolators featuring RFI protection, input isolation and with up to 2kV of isolation available. They have high noise immunity and accuracy and are cost-effective solutions.

Our signal conditioning range also consists of in-head transmitters. They have linearisation of input and are field configurable for T/C and temperature range. They provide a low cost solution and provide high accuracy and superior noise immunity.

The range includes:

  • The Isocon-6 is a DC powered isolating signal converter
  • The Isocon-3 is available if a AC power supply is required

Trip Amplifiers

Our 4002ALM-6 is designed to perform almost any trip amplifier function 'out of the box'. These trip amplifiers have functions including latching, delay on, delay off and power-on delays. These can all be called up from the built-in menus, no PC software or programming is required. The power supply can be anything from 16 to 30Vdc.

Ethernet and RS232/485 I/O Modules

Our Ethernet and RS232/485 I/O modules provide an easy way of interfacing analogue and digital process parameters to an Ethernet or RS232or RS485 network. The innovative E-100 has one universal analogue input built-in but can be expanded through the use of the Isoslice range of I/O modules. Our Ethernet and RS232/485 I/O modules have a built-in display allowing easy local monitoring of any of the input parameters.

Wireless Sensors and Systems

We provide unrivaled wireless sensors and systems to accept a mA input and transmits the value wirelessly to a suitable receiver such as the Z-PORT. Our wireless sensors and systems can be mounted in either a metal or plastic enclosure and are powered by a 3.6V lithium battery. Typical battery life at a 10s update rate would be more than three years.

Building Controls

Our building controls include a range of ZigBee wireless temperature, humidity and CO2 monitors. Our building controls have receivers to allow you to obtain data locally or via the Internet.

3G and GPRS Routers

We provide contemporary 3G and GPRS routers as an easy way to connect to any field instrumentation. Our GWR352 will work with both 3G and GPRS routers. The remote instrumentation will connect to the GWR352 via an Ethernet connect or via an RS232 serial link. When a RS232 option is used, the unit converts the serial data into TCP/IP packages and transfers these to the server.

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