Industrial Maintenance Supplies (Leicester) Ltd

We supply wholesale all Cleaning and Hygiene material needed by customers including but not limited to : Toilet Tissue, Paper Hand Towels, Soaps. IMS has been operating in Leicester for over 40 years and whilst there has been a recent management buy out the staff, knowledge & expertise remains.

We use our own drivers and vehicles to ensuring we control deliveries not a outside courier service. We offer FREE* local (Midlands) delivery, *subject to a minimum order ex vat £50.

Our Warehousing facilities at the Pasture Lane site also offers a TRADE COUNTER accepting cash, cheques or credit card,  together with our convenient city centre location means that small missed or urgent items can be picked up.

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Janitorial Supplies

We supply the usual Janitorial items From Ajax to Zorba Rolls, but IMS is different in that we do not exclusively supply janitorial.  

We are distributors for DEB, Kimberley Clark and other major manufacturers, we also stock a range of quality unbranded product to meet all budgets.

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Janitorial Supplies

Hygiene Equipment

As suppliers to a number of local Food manufacturers we stock PPE, Paper Towels & wipes, sanitising chemicals and Foods Hygiene Equipment as such hygiene brushes, scrapers and scoops to food hygiene standard, we also stock a range of Resin Set Brushes

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Hygiene Equipment

Washroom Services

Our buying power with a leading Washroom Services Provider enables us pass on great prices on all washroom services.

Even if your premises does not run to all the washroom services we can offer, an absolute must for toilet facilities that are open to the public is our exceptionally prices standard sanibin. 

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Washroom Services

DEBInstant Foam

These microscopic pictures show the marble-like structure of Deb InstantFOAM® compared with conventional products.

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DEBInstant Foam

Sanitisation Solutions

E Coli

There are four main areas to follow good practice in to minimise risk

 Help prevent infection wash your hands thoroughly before cooking.

People with diarrhoea and those who work in care homes or with the elderly should wash their hands often, in with soap & hot water for at least 30 seconds.

IMS can provide sanitising gels & foam, we also supply disinfectants and non tainting hard surface sanitiser.

Desk top pump dispensers in 250ml sizes tops and the very handy 47ml handbag size are an alternative to Fixed Dispensing systems are available in foaming type hand sanitiser solution. 

DebSTOKO  range of sanitisers have been tested and approved by NHS.

We also stock Alcohol FREE hand sanitiser

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Stock Availability

We are distibutors  for a number of manufacturers including Deb, Kimberly-Clark,Johnson Diversey, SYR to name but a few, while we hold extensive stock, we also order weekly to cover every eventuality.

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DebStoko Handcare

IMS are the largest independent distributor of DebStoko Handcare in the UK, we are the current winners of the GOLD Elite distributor of the year.

DebStoko Handcare

IMS are the largest independent distributor of DebStoko Handcare in the UK, we are the current winners of the GOLD Elite distributor of the year.

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