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We specialise in torque measurement, and offer one of the biggest ranges of torque transducer in the world. We are also one of the few companies prepared to make special torque sensors, torque metres and load cells.

We have our own torque calibration facility and can also calibrate torque equipment by other manufacturers up to 28,000Nm. If you are in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Offshore, Power Generation, Steel, in fact any industry involving rotating machinery, these are the pages for you..

Inline Rotary Torque


Type: Parallel shaft slip-ring transducer with `cage` construction to nullify bend effects
Range: 1, 2, 5 and 10Nm
Accuracy class: 0,2%
Max. speed: 8000 rpm
Options: Amplifiers, readouts and couplings

Clampon Rotary Torque


Type: Clamp-on torque transducer with a `non-contact` data transmission system for Marine or Steelworks applications
Range: up to maximum of existing shaft torque capacity and shaft diameters up to 800mm
Accuracy class: 1,0
Options: 100°C components, speed measurement, various signal output/processing options

Static Torque

TB and TL

These torque transducers are designed for tool testing and have `smart` chips for `plug and play` with our DTM1000 hand-held analyser, but they can also be used with other meters. The TB is made for bench checking and the TL is a portable unit for `in-line` checking.

Offshore/Subsea Torque


Subsea Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have to perform maintenance tasks at depths of several thousand metres. One common task is pipeline valve maintenance and IML provides torque measurement on underwater tooling. The tool housing is strain-gauged and calibrated to measure torque reaction from the tool head.

No data sheet is available as torque ratings and dimensions are determined by the individual tool housing.

Power Tool Testing


The DTM1000 is a portable, highly accurate and versatile electronic torque analyser. It is designed for the checking/calibration of most types of power tool and torque wrench including impulse tools either in the repair workshop or directly on the production line. Most types of rotary and static torque transducers can be used with the unit, including the latest plug-and-play ‘smart’ transducers. The DTM1000 comes with an RS232 output as standard, Go/NoGo LED indicator lights and a battery life of 20 hours. This is an essential addition to any well-run statistical process control or QA department.

Load Cells


We offer only a few standard load cells but have the resources to design and manufacture special cells. The annular cells shown here are just two examples.

Marine Torque Measurements

Operators realise that increasing demands for close monitoring of a ship’s performance and running costs requires accurate and reliable measurement of torque at the propeller shaft. Torque measurement is used as an engineering tool to measure power, vibration levels and balance engine outputs. The IML marine torque-meter can be found on numerous sizes of vessel from lifeboats to tankers, including the odd 100-foot luxury cruiser!

An IML MT system on a 655mm diameter shaft, and below it, a picture of the vessel to which it was fitted.

Power Generation

Supply to this industry has mainly been standard torque transducers for boiler feed pumps and ancillary drives, but one of several specials is used on a 3MW wind turbine in Canada. The applications here show one standard and one non-standard transducer.

A boiler feed pump drive with a torque-measuring coupling.   A special torque transducer with mechanical overload protection for a swarf retrieval winch in a nuclear power station.


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