Industrial Purification Systems Ltd.

With over 20 years experience in the water filtration business, Industrial Purification Systems Ltd (IPS) has developed a complete range of technologies for the filtration of water in the drinking water industry and in the process industry.

The company specialises in automatic self-cleaning technologies. Its standard product range offers filtration grades from 2.00mm down to 0.45micron, for flow capacities of 2m3/h to over 5000m3/h. The broad product portfolio allows clients to select the filtration technology most suited to their process requirements. Products can be supplied to many industrial standards, including DWI.

IPS conducts its business within a complete quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2000 and is due to be accredited to ISO 14001 for its environmental management.

Industrial Applications:

Process Water
Removal of solids to enable use within process.

Effluent Treatment
Final discharge - removal solids before entering water source.

Water Recirculation
Re-use of up to 90% of original volume - effectively saving up to 90% of inlet and discharge costs.

Bore Hole Intake
Removal of solids, including heavy metals from bore-hole water.

River Water Intake
Removal of solids from saline/brackish water - all plastic systems available

Cooling Water
Removal of organics and 1 to 5 micron particles to address problem with fine organic material present which blocks heat exchangers, prevents biological control of the system and prevents effective cooling.

Membrane Protection
Fine filtration to remove the 1 to 10 micron particles which foul membrane systems to prolong the life of the membrane system.

Industrial Purification Systems Ltd. Overview