Informatix Ltd - Application Software and Microcontroller Firmware

Informatix is a software company based in South West London UK. We offer our customers bespoke software application development at an affordable price. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on producing superior quality software with an emphasis on delivering on time and within budget.

We design, develop and deliver application software for the Internet and desktop computer principally using Microsoft related technologies. We also develop firmware for the Microchip range of microcontrollers and embedded systems.

We always employ good coding practices, design methodologies and design techniques to ensure high software maintainability. Once your project has been delivered we can guarantee a free 6 month bug fixing period.

Owing to our very low overheads and operating costs, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how economical a bespoke software solution is. The benefit of investing in bespoke software ensures that its functionality and workflow exactly matches your individual business needs so increasing your productivity, reducing your operating costs and streamlining your business processes.

We are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and a Microchip Platinum Authorised Design Partner.


Informatix Ltd - Application Software and Microcontroller Firmware Overview