Infoteam International Services Ltd

Cutting Edge After Market Service Solutions

Infoteam International Services Limited was established in 1997, and provides a technology repair service - configuring, maintaining and extending the life-cycle of electronic equipment.

As local support is required for electronic equipment that is manufactured off-shore, ever further from the point of sale

As companies increasingly recognise that Brand value is driven by the whole customer experience of a product's life cycle from cradle to grave..

As legislation such as the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive becomes law - protecting the environment and preventing the landfill of waste.

And as Consumers' expectations of service levels edge ever higher .....the demand for After Market Service solutions from an independent, focussed, high quality and responsive partner like Infoteam will continue to grow.

Infoteam -- The Right Partner

With a core competence of re-manufacturing, and a full portfolio of After Market Services at its disposal,Infoteam can add value to every stage in the Reverse Logistics loop.

Infoteam International  established in 1997, to deliver a number of after-market services, ranging from electronic repair and remanufacture to inventory control and asset recovery management. We are expert in  providing rapid first rate repairs for all our clientele.

Repair and Remanufacture

At Infoteam, our key aim is to provide a bespoke professional service that fulfils  our customers’ requirements, always looking to exceed expectations.
The list of products we currently offer this service for are listed below;

  • Netbooks
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Monitors
  • Games Consoles
  • Plasma & LCD Tv's
  • Power Supplies
  • Projectors
Repair and Remanufacture

Modular & Component Level Repair

Infoteam International  provide both modular and component level repair services. Our modular level repair has a rapid response and turnaround, with additional  field repair service capability. The component level repair service we provide at Infoteam is cost effective and environmentally friendly, with the full BGA repair capability.

Key Technologies

We have a whole variety of Key Technologies at our disposal, from Warehouse Management systems, to other local system features and a full portfolio of After Market Services, we add value at every stage of the Reverse Logistics loop ensuring client inventory is managed through the whole journey.

Key Technologies

Local system features

Data entry supported via barcode, mouse or keyboard

¬Fully configurable data-driven menu systems allows business users to own and change data at will

¬Security: MD5 obfuscation, full password protection of users. Authentication and authorization schemes secure all systems from both external attack and user-abuse

¬Multi-platform Touch-screen technology delivered via PDA

¬Full audit trails are maintained of critical business transactions

Local system features

System building-blocks

¬Warehouse Management system

o Fully integrated Warehouse Management system; also integrates into Repair systems

o Management of Location, Container and item data via Desktop or PDA menu screens

o In-depth reporting and enquiry systems.

Repair Systems

o Allows the full end-to-end lifecycle of a units repair cycle to be defined and maintained

o Record and report on Parts usage

o Record and report on Test Diagnostic result including the capture of customer-defined  IRIS and Failure codes.

Call Centre

o Capture and monitoring of the full Repair cycle by Customer

o Despatch system integrated to preferred Carrier systems.


o Fully configurable reporting will deliver output via XML, CSV, PDF online via HTML as well as by scheduled EMail

o High availability of real-time business critical performance data.

System building-blocks

Infoteam International Services Ltd Overview