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IEC was formed in 1983. We are a focused team of professional compliance engineers, design engineers and site inspectors and testers.

 By concentrating on electrical (EAWR) and hazardous area (DSEAR) engineering compliance we offer a highly competent support team to help our clients meet their obligations under the Regulations. We are very mindful of the requirements regarding competency and the need for demonstrating it; it’s at the heart of what we do. In this respect our credentials are a proven blend of qualifications, training and development, accreditation and experience.

Our engineers are highly qualified.  At Inglewood they complete an intensive programme of internal training courses and continuing assessment. They complete external training courses where it is appropriate and seek national accreditation where it exists, e.g. Comp’Ex’, C&G 2381, C&G 2391. 

We operate a coaching and mentoring system. Following successful completion of initial training and assessment courses, our junior engineers work with an experienced compliance engineer on many projects before being given any opportunity to lead a project on their own.


We have been working on electrical/instrument design and compliance on industrial sites for over 20 years, during which time we have built up a wealth of experience.  This has stood us in good stead in a wide variety of premises - Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Sites, Cement Works, Food Manufacturers, Fuel Depots, Stores, Power Stations, Airports, Petrol Stations, Office Buildings, Laboratories etc.  In fact there are few sectors we haven’t already encountered.  Many organisations, large and small, have appreciated the broad range of our experience.


IEC have been providing hazardous area compliance services since we were formed in 1983, long before DSEAR came into force.

During this time we have built up an enviable client list of blue chip national and international companies that call on us to assist with their hazardous area (now DSEAR) compliance issues. The variety and breadth of our client base has enabled us to develop an experienced workforce that’s in an ideal position to advise a particular client as to their industry’s best practice.

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IEC have been assisting clients with electrical compliance issues since we were formed in 1983.

Our busy design office specialises in electrical building services and cut-and-carve modifications to control and electrical plant. We use the latest software, Amtech for design verification, Autocad for drawings, to support our engineers and designers. Our inspectors are fully qualified and have generally progressed from a design background.

We have completed Electricity at Work Regulations (EAWR) audits and BS 7671 inspection and testing services for all types of premises. These include hazardous areas, safe areas, industrial areas, laboratories, office buildings etc. We draw on a proud history of service to many organisations, some national and international, to advise our clients and help make their premises compliant.


Safety Instrumented System

Before the introduction of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards, major chemical companies devised and worked to their own engineering guidelines for the design and implementation of trip and alarm systems.

Inglewood has worked continuously for a number of these companies since its formation in 1983. Our engineers have lived with the standards as they have evolved and are as familiar as any practitioners with what is required to comply.

At Inglewood, we are involved with initial hazard analysis, determination of risk reduction, production of the safety requirements specification, defining the safety integrity levels, safety instrumented system design, system reliability calculations and site trip testing.

We regularly audit existing plant alarm and trip systems to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Safety Instrumented System

Project Management

Inglewood Engineering Consultancy carries out design and install projects on behalf of its clients. Where the client does not have a nominated Installation Contractor, IEC works with partner Installation Contractors to deliver a design and build solution.

We are experienced in fulfilling the Principal Contractor and Planning Supervisor roles as required in the Construction, Design and Management Regulations.

The nature of our project management work is very much dictated by our expertise. In general terms it is electrical, instrument and control biased. Specifically it includes electrical building services, telephone, data, security, fire and building PA systems; instrument and control projects in safe and hazardous areas; remedial work arising out of compliance deficiencies opposite EAWR, DSEAR and the Safety Instrumented Systems legislation.

Project Management

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