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Inka Presswood Pallets Limited were established in 1985 as the UK distributors of the Inka Presswood Pallet and are dedicated to increasing the awareness and popularity of the Presswood Pallet throughout the UK. We hold large quantities of each style of Presswood Pallet at our Brentwood warehouse and offer a final inspection on all pallets prior to despatch to ensure premium quality.

As well as selling direct to end users Inka's Presswood Pallets are also available through a network of regional stockists and distributors, as well as being featured within a multitude of the most popular Industrial Equipment and Packaging related catalogues.

Plastic Pallets

Perfect for internal use, multi-trip or when hygiene is a major factor. All of our plastic pallets are manufactured using recycled granulate.


These Euro-size pallets offer a wide choice of capacities and designs to suit your needs.

Pallet Boxes


 The Capacitainer® - a big name for a big box. The best thing is that most people find assembly is easier than the pronunciation!

Composite Pallet Blocks

Having been in production for 20 years you might forgive us when we say that this product has been around the block once or twice! But since it is the original wooden composite pallet block its quality has only been endorsed by those that have tried to copy it.

EUROBLOCK® pallet blocks are manufactured from waste coniferous and recycled wood chips, which are bonded with a synthetic resin to provide a tough durable block that needs no extra treatment to meet ISPM15 regulations. To ensure optimum quality the manufacture process is monitored strictly by SGS-ControllCo and meets PEFC requirements.

Pallet Collars

This revolutionary folding pallet collar has numerous benefits and can be used internally or for exports without special treatment.

Export ISPM15

The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (or ISPM15 for short) has been introduced to reduce the global spread of plant diseases and pests associated with the international movement of wooden packaging.

While this means that raw timber must be specially heat treated, we are pleased that the regulations specifically exclude Presswood® Pallets. This means that users of Presswood® Pallets need not worry about pre-ordering or holding special stocks for export consignments, they can simply take the next pallet off the stack and send it anywhere in the world.


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