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  •  Transducer Conditioning Module
  •  For LVDT and half bridge
  •  Massive range of gain setting
  •  100% zero offset adjust
  •  Course gain and zero adjust by push on link
  •  Transducer energising 5, 10 and 13kHz
  •  Output +/-10vdc or 0-10vdc
  •  Power supply from 5v to 24vdc
  •  For all inductive transducers
  •  Supplied boxed or as pcb

Displacement Transducers

  •  Inductive LVDT
  •  Measurement ranges 1mm to +/-600mm
  •  Industrial version (shown)
  •  Rugged design
  •  IP68 protection available
  •  High temperature 200 ° C. option
  •  High pressure submersible range


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Displacement Transducers

Optical Encoders

  •  Linear Measuring Gauge
  •  Ranges 0-10, 0-30, 0-50mm
  •  Resolution to 1 micron
  •  Accuracy +/-1 micron
  •  TTL or line driver output
  •  Shaft sliding in linear ball bearing
  •  Metrology applications
  •  Low cost
Optical Encoders

Rotary Encoders

  •  Rotary Encoder Type BE275
  •  Very high accuracy - > 90,000ppr
  •  Other models up to 900,000ppr
  •  For precise rotary applications
  •  Rotary tables, telescopes, antennas
  •  Lower than expected cost


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Rotary Encoders

Linear Encoders

  •  Linear Optical Encoder
  •  Resolution to 0.5 micron
  •  Accuracy +/-5 Micron/m
  •  Ranges from 70 mm to 2040 mm
  •  Square of sinusoidal output
  •  Protection to IP53, IP64 with air
  •  Integrated interpolation x2, x5, x10 (square wave)
  •  Reference marks
  •  Lower than expected cost
Linear Encoders

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Our gauging products cover a wide range from transducers to very sophisticated conditioning electronics.

We also supply high quality British made Inductive Displacement Transducers and Optical Encoders for both rotary and linear applications, in absolute and incremental modes.

Many of our products are available on short delivery and at very competitive prices, especially gauging probes.

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We support or customers with quality products to exacting standards in a wide range of induustry sectors:

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