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INOR Materials Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech China manufacturer of Inorganic materials. We specialize in Refractory Ceramic Tray, Spherical Alumina Powder, Silica Sands, Engineering Ceramics, Spherical Silica, etc. Aside from developments for the sustainability of the overall industry, INOR emphasizes product development to satisfy consumers' requirements. We have established long-term and stable relationships with a number of research institutes like Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China University of Technology, Tongji University, and Soochow University,etc.

Our mission is to delivery inorganic materials to our clients besides manufacturing with High quality, Flexible delivery, Competitive cost. We are always keeping consolidation relationship with specialization clients and excellent suppliers.

Whether it is small quantity prototype, or blanket production orders, we welcome your enquiry & comments. Because we known we have learned many from our clients, especially from some outstanding research organization in different fields.

We look forward to be your preferred supplier.

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