Insight Security

To buy; 'Proven', 'Best Value' security products on-line CLICK HERE. and join thousands of satisfied customers including; government, police, schools, businesses of all sizes and domestic users.

Our Anti-climb Perimeter security products include; anti climb paint, fence spikes, wall security spikes, Roller Barrier, Rotaspike and other anti-climb barriers

Other great value Insight Security products include

  • Wireless & mobile (Taxi) CCTV systems, 
  • Computer security products: PC & Laptop Locks, 
  • Key cabinets/keysafes, 
  • Garrett security metal detectors (search arches and hand held metal detectors), 
  • Security screws, shear nuts and other security fastenings.

Convex Safety & Security Mirrors;

  • Driveway and traffic safety mirrors, 
  • Eco and Institutional mirrors
  • Industrial and warehouse mirrors, 
  • Under vehicle search/portable inspection mirrors, 
  • Observation, shop & retail security mirrors.

Traffic management products include;

  • Fold down parking space posts, 
  • Traffic flow plates, speed bumps
  • Gojak vehicle skates.

Specialist wireless products include

  • Empty property monitoring alarms
  • Lone Worker alarms.

Insight Security Overview