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Here at Inspectahire Instrument Co Ltd, we specialise in the supply of thermographic imaging equipment. We provide high quality thermographic imaging equipment from metal detectors to thermal imaging cameras.

Expolosion Proof Camera

We supply the ToughPIX 2300XP series of explosion-proof digital cameras. This equipment has been designed to aid professionals in the petrochemical, gas, mining and marine industries. The camera is used to capture still images and short movies in hazardous (explosive) areas.

The ToughPIX 2300XP series has a range of certifications across the different models including ATEX, CSA and South African IS, covering Zone 1IIC T4, I M2/Ex d I Mb and Class I Div.1 B, C and D hazardous (explosive) areas.

Ultrasonic Tester

The UT500 ultrasonic testing device measures metal thickness for non-destructive testing (NDT) and predictive maintenance on pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous areas. This dynamic, handheld device has been developed by North Yorkshire-based CorDEX Instruments to detect corrosion in metal.

The ultrasonic tester can quickly and safely measure metal thickness to determine the amount of corrosion. It has been developed to address concerns about asset integrity.

Thermal Camera Rental

We provide thermographic imaging camera hire to meet your requirements. Our thermographic imaging camera hire includes video probes to provide state-of-the-art technology to inspect pipe work of all sizes.

Thermographic Imaging Energy

We are experts in thermographic imaging energy. Often the shape or size of your asset can make you wonder how you should go about ensuring it is safe, free from corrosion, operating effectively or not leaking. Our thermographic imaging energy equipment will help you with this.

Thermographic Imaging Oil and Gas

We specialise in thermographic imaging oil and gas. Having worked for three decades in the oil and gas industry, both in the North Sea and worldwide, we have built up a strong thermographic imaging expertise in this sector.

Thermographic Imaging Pharmaceutical

We have expertise in pharmaceutical thermographic imaging. Whether it is a crawler, a tractor, an ROV, an endoscope or laser technology, we have thermographic imaging equipment to enable us to carry out inspections on a range of surfaces and at all sorts of angles.

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