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Here at Institution of Chemical Engineers, we have an animated approach to safety training. As part of our safety training programme, we have published the latest title in its safety animation series, focusing on the 1979 Bantry Bay ship explosion and fire in Ireland.

Technical Training

We provide back to basics process industry technical training. Our technical training involves a collection of multi-media training packages. These clearly and comprehensively explain the basics of numerous industrial processes. The industrial processing series covers topics from distillation to gas absorption to heat exchange.

Technical Training


We have different levels of membership, each providing you with professional support and a range of services whatever level you work at within the chemical, biochemical and process profession. We are licensed by Royal Charter to award the qualification Chartered Chemical Engineer. You are able to go online for all grades of IChemE membership.


Fellow Members

Fellow members are expert engineering professionals of distinction, making valid contributions to the profession. Fellow membership is achieved by recognition of employment in an essential position of responsibility in chemical engineering for a sufficient period.

Requirements include:

  • An ‘important position of responsibility’ is a level very much greater than the requirement for chartership. You will be expected to have personal responsibility for decisions involving substantial resources and their consequences.
  • A ‘sufficient period' is typically a minimum of 5 years working at this high level.
  • You can view profiles of recently elected Fellows to gain an idea of the level you should be working at.
Fellow Members

Chartered Members

Chartered members are first-class chemical engineers who achieve an international and respected mark of ability.

Our committed chartered chemical engineers are able to gain one or both of the following registrations depending on the type of technical experience:

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) with Engineering Council
  • Chartered Scientist (CSci) with The Science Council

Associate Members

We now have new associate members criteria. Associate members are often young professionals working in chemical engineering or a closely related field working towards chartered engineer status.

Associate Members

Technician Members

Technician members are technicians and operators working in chemical and process engineering. Technician members play a key role in the chemical and process engineering profession, using practical understanding and skills to solve engineering problems.

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