Instrument Plastics Ltd

Instrument Plastics manufacture high quality Display windows in both polycarbonate, acrylic, and high scratch resistant (HSR) materials, Laminated glass for electronic display instruments.

In particular, we specialise in wire mesh laminated instrument windows to offer high levels of RFI and EMI protection.

We also produce both linear and circular polarising filters. Screens can be supplied with anti-glare and non reflective coatings. Other products include infra-red filters, colour enhancement filters, backlights and diffusers.
  • Moth Eye Anti-glare Film
  • EMI, RFI Shielded Windows
  • EMC Shielded Windows
  • Light Control Film
  • Laminated Screens
  • Laminated Windows
  • Anti-glare Screens
  • Anti-glare Display Filters
  • Circular Polarising Filters
  • Linear Polarising Filters
  • Display Filters
  • Polycarbonate Filters
  • Acrylic Filters
  • Colour Enhancement Filters
  • Non Reflective Acrylic Display Filters
  • Laminated Instrument Glass Windows
All products are custom made to individual requirements. Gasketing material can also be supplied if required.

Instrument Plastics Ltd Overview