INTECO atec automation GmbH


Customer satisfaction, reliance and long term pertnerships are our goals.

Efficiency - an often damaged slogan; in our understanding it is related to the realization of automation technology projects on schedule, technically perfect and unproblematic for the client project management.

From practical experience, we know that this efficiency can only be achieved through an intensive and flexible collaboration between client and contractor.

With this in mind, we try to respond during the project work with maximum flexibility to changing requirements.

INTECO atec automation GmbH

Our corporate philosophy – quality through cometence, reliability and flexibility – we are a comptent, reliabe and flexibel partner for plant operators, system installers and suppliers in the realisation of automation an process-control related projects.

Our products: industrial operational optimization, PLC (programmable logic controllers) programming, production automation systems, process automation solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, automation systems, automation of industrial plants and machines, process visualisation systems, manufacturing execution system (MES) software, customized switch cabinets

INTECO atec automation GmbH
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