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We offer a variety of UV LED curing solutions and provide three ranges of standard light sources. We can supply these light sources as part of an integrated modular system or as an individual unit.

One particular model included in our UV LED curing solutions is the UV LED Power Puck. This innovative system provides highly accurate measurement of UV LEDs.

The UV LED Power Puck offers advanced capabilities and includes unique features, easy to read digital display, multiple user modes, and PC communications for trending capabilities and data logging.

UV Curing Solutions

Our UV curing solutions include the use of miniature high output UV curing lamps. Lamps such as the MZero are designed for inkjet curing applications and dramatically reduce footprint. These UV curing solutions are suited for medium size printer, plotters and encoding applications.

The MZero curing lamp also offers high intensity reflector system, quartz filter, rapid warm up and cool down, integrated air-cooling, and extendable length and a high-flex power lead.


Our UV curing solutions also include the SubZero series of UV curing lamps. They are energy efficient, lightweight and consist of a high intensity reflector system.

The SubZero has additional electronic high performance shutters and an electronic power supply. They have a quick change lamp cassette, integrated light skirt shield, and a 1-year Integration Technology warranty. 

LEDZero Solidcure

We supply LEDZero Solidcure high output UV LED arrays. They utilise the latest and most advanced UV LED technology and have a leading footprint and lightweight design. They have been specifically designed for the moving head inkjet sector.

LEDZero Solidcure has multiple advantages over traditional UV systems and has a substantial reduced heat towards the substrate and exceptional long life.

The array of a LEDZero Solidcure have a limited frequency spread so the UV system does not emit ozone or detrimental UVC.

UV Integration

We offer a comprehensive range of UV integration solutions and applications focused for the inkjet printing industries. We have premises in the UK, USA, Korea, Japan, and China. We provide print head integrators to ensure an effective process from R&D through to production. Out motto is 'Think Global, Act Local'

Our other UV integration products include LEDZero Pincure, LED Zero VTwin and the LEDZero HiCure.

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