Intelligent Motion Control Ltd (INMOCO)


Our range of actuators includes linear and rotary units, including actuators for harsh and hazardous environments.

Actuators can be used in a wide variety of applications, visit our  Actuator Applications page for more information.


Motion, Machine and Automation controllers. This range of products includes controllers for a single axis, or scaleable to control a complete machine or plant. Options include touchscreens or web enabled connections for remote connection and diagnostics.

Servo Drives

A range of servo amplifiers covering all applications , from DC powered compact units for use in Military or Harsh environments to AC input programmable units developing continuous currents of up to 72A


Our gearheads are used on high precision motion control applications which require a high torque to volume ratio, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash. All of our gearheads are self-lubricating and have high radial load capacity for any given size. The ability to match inertias with our large variety of ratios, provide to keep our customers stable and controlled servo systems


INMOCO’s range of conventional and frameless, brushed and brushless servo motors are built for a long, maintenance-free, service life.

However the performance is measured, INMOCO’s range of motors have something to offer. From high torque-to-inertia ratio rare earth magnet motors, to flux-focusing ferrite magnetics for matching high inertia loads. From low thermal resistance for maximum power ratings, to anti-cog magnet design for smooth, low speed performance.

With continuous torque ratings starting from 0.3 Nm (going on up to 630 Nm), and speeds up to 18,000 RPM the INMOCO product range will deliver the power needed in your application.

Motors are available with Hall sensor, Encoder and Resolver feedback options with a full selection of secondary feedback transducers also available. So whatever your control scheme, INMOCO’s brushless servos can close the loop.

If your application requires something special then one of the INMOCO range of servo motors are just what you need. If the wide selection of motor windings for high and low speed operation, or the variety of mounting options already available do not quite suit your application, then INMOCO can offer custom built designs with special mounting options and application-specific windings


INMOCO is a supplier of miniature, high performance optical encoders - offering encoders with class-leading resolution, accuracy and value. The Mercury™ and Mercury II™ encoders enable significant size, weight and cost reductions of motion stages and subsystems while increasing the positioning resolution, accuracy, repeatability and speed in customer applications.

Encoder resolutions range from 5μm to 1.2nm, linear, and up to 268M CPR, rotary.

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