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Welcome to Intelligent People, the market leading recruitment services organisation working in the Digital Marketing space.

Founded in 2002, Intelligent People is a vertically aligned recruitment consultancy who place Marketing, Product Management and ecommerce professionals into the Technology, Telecom/Telecommunications and Online/New Media Sectors.

Our market experienced consultants can help you as either a candidate looking for your next career move, or a client lopoking to find exactly the right person for your organisation.

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Marketing Recruitment

Marketing Vacancies

Intelligent People is a vertically aligned marketing recruitment consultancy who have a specialist Digital and Online Marketing Recruitment Practice.

Intelligent People recruit B2B & B2C Marketing Professionals for the Technology, Telecommunication and Online / New Media sectors. We recruit both marketing generalists and professionals with specialist experience, such as Marketing Strategy, Public & Analyst Relations (PR), Marketing Communications (Marcomms), Lead Generation, Product Marketing, Channel Marketing, Direct and In-direct Marketing, Collateral Marketing, Web Marketing, CRM, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Loyalty Marketing and Performance Marketing (including Campaign Management).

We always meet clients and candidates to ensure we have the information needed to make an accurate match between role and candidate, and we provide advice and consultancy throughout the whole lifecycle.

Our service involves running specific campaigns for each assignment to find the best possible talent, however the fact that our consultants specialise in this sector means it’s likely that we’ll know relevant candidates and job opportunities almost immediately.

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Product Management Recruitment

Product Management Vacancies

Intelligent People is a vertically aligned recruitment consultancy who have a specialist Product Management Practice.

Working in b oth the B2B and B2C sectors of Product Management, and with over 12 years experience supplying hwere, we understand what it takes to successfully manage a prodiuct. Be that a launch, re-launch or on-going control. Our consultants really are true market specialists, many having worked in the various aspects of digital marketing and product managing. We recruit both Product Management generalists and professionals with specialist experience, such as Product Analysts & Product Executives, Business Analysts, Product Managers & Product Development Managers, Product Directors, Head of Products and Product Developers. More recently we have been working on many product marketing projects as well.

We take great pride in the fact we always build personal relationships with both our candidates and clients alike. This is a people business and we are driven to understand your aspriations be that in making a career move or hiring talent.

Our recruitment service sees us run specifically designed campaigns for each and every assignment. The aim to find the best possible fit on both sides of the recruitment equation.

Why not try us out and see if we live up to what we say? Call today on 01727 736690 to see how we can help you.



E-Commerce Recruitment

eCommerce Vacancies

Intelligent People is a recruitment consultancy, started in 2002, who specialise in all areas of eCommerce recruitment.

Intelligent People recruit E-commerce Professionals for the Technology, Telecommunication and Online/New Media sectors and across a varied mix of markets. We recruit eCommerce generalists and professionals with specialist experience, such as Heads of Online, Digital Strategy Experts, User Experience & User Interface, Information Architects, Web Design & Development, Web Analytics & Customer Experience, Online Merchandising & Trading, Content & Editorial. 

We make it our business to understand not only your business but the intimate runnings of your eCommerce operation. If we don't do that, how can we make sure our candidates are the right commercial and personality fit for your eCommerce team? We get to meet individuals personally and understand whjat it is you are trying to achieve through your eCommerce recruitment program.

The same applies to our candidates where we meet and greet personally with the aim of understan ding your career goals and aspriations. We then match not only on skills but cultural fit to the organisation,

Whether you are looking to find your next career move, or indeed, have a vacancy that needs urgent attention, call Intelligent People today - for all eCommerce vacancies and jobs. 01727 736690.



Client Services

Intelligent People is a vertically aligned recruitment consultancy who place Marketing, Product Management and ecommerce professionals into the Technology, Telecom/Telecommunications & Online/New Media Sectors.

This means when you speak to your consultant they’ll already have a good knowledge of the candidate market you want to access, including the employment landscape, where the candidates are, the technology, trends and issues and all the other information needed to help you recruit or engage the best talent available.

Furthermore, it’s almost certain that your consultant will already be looking for the candidates you’re after, even before you brief us, due to other campaigns we’re running for different customers. This means we can give you real-time advice regarding candidate and contractor availability, salary/prices, lead times, relevant issues such as big projects that may be soaking up resources and we’ll probably even have access to your ideal candidate immediately, without having to search.

Here are some of the job vacancy areas we specialise in:

Marketing Vacancies
Product Management Vacancies
ecommerce Vacancies



Areas of Expertise

Intelligent People Ltd understand the key differentiators within their specialist Vertical Markets and have dedicated the time and money to ensure that their candidate network is unique and appropriate to each.

Intelligent People recruit Marketing, Product Management & eCommerce Professionals specifically for the Technology, Telecom/Telecommunications and Online/New Media Markets.

We define each market as follows:
Technology: This includes Software & Hardware Vendors, Systems Integrators, Resellers, Outsourcers & Consultancies.

Telecommunications: This includes Fixed Line Operators, Mobile Operators, MVNO, ISPs, VoIP Operators & Resellers.

Online/New Media: This includes Online Retail, Digital Publishing & Media, Travel, Gaming, Social Media, Search, Payments & PSPs, Online Banking, Business Information, Classified/Directories, Leisure, Utilities, Price Comparison, M-Commerce, Video & Broadcast.



Contract Recruitment

In the fast moving contract environment it's vital to find the right consultants with the right skills and the right experience, at the right time!

In order to create the best possible shortlist, we ensure that we understand not only the job specification but also the project and your business, structuring the recruitment project around your diary to deliver an un-pressurised and effective flexible resource solution. Our database is rich with contract resources and we often find excellent consultants within hours (or even minutes) of beginning a search. Why not put us to the test and see how we deliver?

Contact our digital marketing contracts vacancies team today and supplement your team with exacrtly the right skills.



Permanent Recruitment

Intelligent People know how important permanent hiring is to our customers.

We know that you not only need someone with the experience and competencies to do the job well, but also someone who will thrive in your environment and contribute to your culture. So when you trust a recruitment partner to represent you in the candidate marketplace, you need to have confidence that your agent knows your organisation, culture, job role and requirements intimately.

Our permanent recruitment methodology always begins with a meeting at your offices to fully define what you need, make sure we know your business and provide advice regarding the factors that will affect the success of the project.

Call us today on 01727 736690 to find out how we can help build your teams with the most advanced Digital Marketing skills in all areas like eCommerce and Product Management.



Search Engine Marketing Recruitment

There are many ways to promote your brand and drive more potential customers to your website through search engine marketing (SEM). Optimizing your search engine activities can be done using techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), Google AdWords and social media.

At Intelligent People, our expert SEM recruitment consultants have over a decade’s experience in matching high-quality candidates with exciting and challenging job opportunities. Whether your organization is looking for a specialist in one area, or a general all-rounder for a manager role, we can fill your SEM job vacancy with an experienced, motivated, talented individual who can exploit SEM channels to the full.



Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Recruitment

The expert recruitment consultants at Intelligent People understand the unique skills that affiliate and partnership marketing jobs demand, with the ability to build long-lasting and loyal relationships of prime importance. Retail sales opportunities have recently soared thanks to affiliate and partnership marketing networks, which include channels such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing.

Intelligent People is an affiliate and partnership marketing recruitment agency with a thorough appreciation of the drive and initiative necessary to identify and foster business partnerships. Our consultants can find the perfect fit for your organisation’s affiliate and partnership marketing job vacancy, whether it’s from our historic database of skilled candidates, or from extensive searching and head-hunting of available talent and resources.



Peformance Marketing Recruitment

Performance marketing job opportunities usually require knowledge of metrics and data analysis and experience in one or more paid performance marketing channels. If you are a candidate who knows how to use, track and measure channels such as cost per click per mil (CPM), pay per click (PPC), affiliate advertising, and paid searches including Google AdWords, you could be a strong contender for a performance marketing job vacancy, where demand is fierce and candidates are scarce. Contact Intelligent People, where your next career opportunity may be waiting.

Equally if you are a client looking to expand your organisation’s performance marketing team, you can rely on the expert consultants at Intelligent People to fulfil all your performance marketing recruitment criteria.



Mobile Marketing Recruitment

Mobile marketing is an extremely powerful channel to capture and exploit the mobile device revolution. You can reach a huge target audience quickly and cheaply at mostly any time of the day or evening, and consumers can react instantly by purchasing on the spot. Most interactions are capable of being monitored and tracked, giving valuable information on market audience behaviour.

Mobile marketing recruitment is an exploding area as brands recognize the substantial advantages of being able to send marketing messages anywhere and make sales at any time no matter where the customers happen to be. Intelligent People specialize in digital marketing and our recruitment consultants know that the need for competent skilled mobile marketers is ever growing, so if you have knowledge of or exposure to skills such as mobile SEO and PPC, or web optimization for mobile devices, you are in great demand and chances are have the mobile marketing job for you. If your organization has the vision and foresight to add more mobile marketing talent to your digital marketing activities, we can find the perfect candidate for you.



Product Marketing Recruitment

As a specialist product management recruiter, Intelligent People appreciates the complexity of presenting and bringing a product to market, otherwise known as product marketing. We are very familiar with the special requirements of product marketing and how closely aligned the process is with product management lifecycle.

If you have insight into the product marketing procedure, and have the vision to see how product development activities can be optimized to deliver a product to market smoothly and successfully, we have the recruitment consultants who can skilfully locate the most exciting product marketing job opportunities for you. For clients with product marketing vacancies, you can rest assured that even in this candidate-scarce environment, we’ll get you the sharpest, brightest candidates to enhance your brand.



EMail Marketing Recruitment

Email marketing is still a powerful way to get your marketing message across and to build customer engagement and brand loyalty. Easily trackable and measured for response and results, emails can reach a large target market and create enormous opportunities for direct sales.

Intelligent People is a specialist ecommerce and email marketing recruitment agent, and is proud of its history – spanning more than a decade – of matching exciting and challenging email marketing job vacancies with knowledgeable and dynamic job seekers. Our top-notch consultants can identify and locate promising candidates who possess the drive, intelligence and skill to optimise a client’s email marketing efforts to the full. Contact us today whether you are in search of your next career role or looking for new email marketing talent for your team.



Loyalty Marketing Recruitment

Loyalty marketing depends largely on a brand’s ability to strengthen customer engagement and create new sales opportunities with existing consumers. Loyalty marketing demands vision and insight to identify ways in which your organization can increase customer satisfaction and reward and incentivize your current consumer base.

Intelligent People is a recruitment agency that knows how to spot these qualities in an individual who also possesses relevant experience and skills of multiple channels that can be exploited to influence and reward consumer behavior. Contact us if this sounds like you and you’re looking for your next job opportunity. If you’re looking to recruit a loyalty marketing specialist, or all-rounder with expertise in this area, our consultants can meet for all your loyalty marketing recruitment requirements.



Location Marketing Recruiitment

Location Marketing uses ground-breaking mobile tracking technology to target potential customers with mobile devices when they enter a specific geographical area and send messages, offers and discounts on available products and services in that location.

Intelligent People is a location marketing recruitment agency that is on top of the latest innovations in this rapidly growing sector. Our consultants can easily recognise the skills, knowledge and background that successful candidates should have to work in this area. If you are a savvy client wanting to move into or expand into this emerging arena, we can pinpoint the best and brightest recruits for your location marketing job vacancies. If you’re innovative, intelligent and interested in pushing the boundaries of technology as far as you can, and have a sound knowledge of marketing across digital channels and data analysis, we can help you get your next job in this exciting area.



Online Marketing Recruitment

The sphere of online marketing embraces most digital channels. The crux of online marketing is an organisation’s website and associated web presence, which can be optimised using methods such as search engine optimisation (SEO), online and pay-per click (PPC) advertising, affiliate and partnership marketing and email marketing.

Online marketing now reaches out to all of us who possess a mobile device, as both mobile and location marketing evolve to target market audiences with relevant customised messages sent with geographical precision.

When it comes to online marketing recruitment, Intelligent People is a specialist digital marketing agency that is particularly adept at finding you the perfect person for your online marketing job vacancy, whatever its scope. Whether you’re looking for a marketing manager with a broad knowledge of online marketing channels or a specialist in a particular area, we have more than 12 years’ experience in finding talent that will drive your organisation to future success. If you have knowledge of marketing via multiple digital channels, and are hungry for a new job opportunity, contact us today to achieve your career ambitions.



Web Marketing Recruitment

Your website offers huge potential for marketing your organisation’s brand and business both locally and globally. eCommerce tools allow you to use your website as a market place, while search engine optimisation allows you to ensure your business is listed above your competitors in search engine rankings.

You can use paid methods such as Google AdWords on other websites to link to yours, and affiliate marketing to enable affiliates to sell your products or link to your site, for a commission.

All of these web marketing channels, and more, are familiar to the experienced consultants at Intelligent People. When it comes to web marketing recruitment, Intelligent People is a specialist. We’ve been ahead of the game in eCommerce and web marketing job vacancies for more than 12 years. We can find your organisation that star web marketing recruit. If you’re a candidate who can manage multiple digital and online marketing channels and you have an understanding of web traffic analysis, we can find your next career step in web marketing.



Social Media Recruitment

Advertising and marketing on social media sites is now a fairly commonplace sight but social media also embraces the creation of any content posted onto websites, wikis, blogs and social media sites that promotes a brand and strengthens its customer loyalty through user interaction in an online community. Any information shared in a social environment that endorses an organisation has a marketing edge on other digital channels as the market audience can see content as more trustworthy and peer-endorsed.

If you’re part of an organisation that wants to start or expand digital activities to take advantage of this persuasive form of marketing, Intelligent People is a social media recruitment specialist and we can find enthusiastic and creative people who know how to manipulate the marketing influence of social media. If you’re a candidate bursting with ideas on how to get your company’s message across on social media channels, and you can identify new marketing opportunities to develop new social media communications while nurturing existing social media projects, you’re highly sought after by many of Intelligent People’s clients with social media job vacancies.



Analytics Recruitment

The experienced recruitment consultants at Intelligent People know that if you possess good analytical skills, and a strong appreciation of how to turn data into meaningful information to drive marketing strategy, your skills are in demand from a wide range of organisations with analytics job vacancies.

A knowledge of analytics is crucial to all digital marketing channels. The ability to measure and make sense of analytics such as click-throughs, response rates and sales results from every digital platform that your brand employs is now essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

If your business is looking to optimise its digital marketing efforts to reveal valuable insight into customer behaviour, effective digital sales tactics and vital return-on-investment (ROI) statistics, Intelligent People is the analytics recruitment agency who can help you find the skilled, dedicated and hyper-intelligent candidates that you need.


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