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About Us

At InterFluid Hydraulics, we are classed as one of the top hydraulic equipment manufacturing companies. First established in 2001, our highly experienced engineers take pride in our ability to provide both premium quality goods and fantastic service, that sets us apart in the industry.



Hydraulic Cylinders

We specialise in bespoke design of cost-effective hydraulic cylinders in a wide range of different quantities from individuals to batch work. We can produce cylinders from 25mm to 250mm bore, with an array of options to suit your specific project need.
We can also design for you in AutoCAD and Solidworks, or work to your own plans and specifications. We can send and accept a number of drawings in many electronic formats. Our cylinders can be designed in Standard or Heavy Duty, and can also include a sensing device with many different signals.


Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Service

We carry out an extensive repair service, with all repairs carried out in our specialist workshop by highly experienced engineers.

When we receive your hydraulic cylinder, we carry out a number of assessments and checks. We strip, clean, check and document any work required, before the full costs are calculated and relayed to the client. Once this quotation has been communicated, we can ensure it will not change. Whereby a complete replacement of the cylinder is needed, we will also advise and quote accordingly.

All our repairs are carried out quickly, and we only ever repair parts that are needed.


Design and Manufacturer of Bespoke power pack systems

At Interfluid Hydraulics, we can offer both standard and bespoke applications, within an affordable budget for your company. From anywhere between mini DC PowerPacks to 400 H.P Diesel Driven systems, we have all the knowledge and our attention to detail during production tests helps to ensure a hassle-free operating life for your system, giving you peace of mind.

We can design, create, install, commission, train operators and service.


Off the Shelf Hydraulic Cylinders

Here at Interfluid Hydraulics, we can supply you with a wide product range of off the shelf hydraulic cylinders, all the way from 25 mm bore to 100mm bore, in a range of different prices to suit your organisation’s budget. All of our products are sold with an extensive guarantee and full support.

For our full range, please visit our website or feel free to contact us.



Hydraulic Components

We can source and supply a large product range of hydraulic components, from seals to hands pumps and tanks, to even orbital steering units and motors.
We have a product range of single and double acting hand pumps, as well as reservoirs.

We supply a range of orbital motors, for motors type including but not limited to MAM, MAR, MAP, MAS, MAT and MAV, and a range of hydrostatic steering units including HKU, HKUS and HKUS Load Sensing – all supplied in many different sizes and specifications.

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