Interpeople 2005 Ltd t/a MumWorks

MumWorks specialises in providing experienced part-time people on a permanent or project basis. There is a great wealth of talent and experience available between the hours of school drop-off and collection, and we connect businesses with those people in return for a modest fee.

MumWorks has special terms of business which allows clients to pay for our services monthly over the first year of a candidate's employment. We work on a success only basis, and no "up front" fee is charged. When the successful candidate commences work, we apply our percentage fee to the monthly gross payment you make to the candidate. After 12 months, there is no further charge.

Why waste your valuable time sifting through CVs when MumWorks can do it for you? We will not bombard you with inappropriate CVs, and in many cases we could have a CV on file from someone who has contacted MumWorks already.

Please visit our website and call MumWorks now for a confidential discussion regarding your requirements.

Interpeople 2005 Ltd t/a MumWorks Overview