Intolect Ltd

At Intolect we specialise in input devices.

Our products are designed to maximise operator comfort and productivity from mini keyboards with separate number pads, fully programmable keyboards to industrial keyboards which can be used in the most hostile environments.

Many of our products can be customised for special applications.

Our keyboard and keypad range includes:

* Mini keyboards - 7 models including USB interface and ultra-mini
* Keypads - 8 models including programmable and USB
* Cordless keyboards
* Cordless keypads
* Programmable keyboards up to 128 keys
* Industrial keyboards IP rated
* Trackballs

Our Infrared product range includes:

* Irman Infrared receiver
* Cordless keyboards
* Cordless keypads
* Cordless PC controller for full multimedia control with USB interface

We also supply:

* PoS peripherals
* Bar code readers
* Keyboard and mouse splitter adapters

Full details of the range and secure on-line are available at

Marcoms House High Wycombe HP11 1RL United Kingdom