Invacua Ltd.

Invacua Ltd utilise a range of precision joining processes, most of which are carried out in vacua, for the assembly of scientific instruments.

We offer a design consultancy service in conjunction with our sub contract processing because it is often necessary to design with the various joining techniques in mind from the outset.

We can produce sub assemblies from your free issue parts or manufacture the finished product complete.

The precision joining processes carried out at Invacua are:-
  • Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Heat Treatment
  • Induction Brazing in Vacuum
  • Precision Pulsed TIG Welding
  • Electron Beam Welding
  • Laser Welding and Micro Hole Drilling
These high tech Joining processes allow the customer to procure cost effectively quite unique and novel assemblies by employing the appropriate, or combinations of the above techniques. An extensive range of metallic, non-metallic and dissimilar materials can be joined giving the customer low cost high tech competitive advantage.

We can carry out Helium Leak Detection on critical assemblies if required.

These techniques will be of particular interest to the aerospace, medical, transducer and nuclear industries for the assembly of scientific instruments.

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