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Paul Kemp of Invicta IP has strong focus on the outcome for the client. He can identify patentable inventions, draft specifications, prepare formal drawings and assist you through the complete application process and beyond. All IP matters will be handled by the Attorney, not by a trainee.  Paul is an experienced European Patent Attorney, a Chartered Patent Attorney and a Community Design Attorney.


Costs vary according to the level of complexity but our goal is to keep these reasonable and predictable. We achieve this by eliminating unnecessary overheads. We run a paperless office so that we can exploit IT to the limit, to improve our service and minimize costs, not to mention minimising the ecological impact.


We prefer to visit you at your premises because we believe that it produces better results for you and consequently also for us.  We have however successfully carried out business and developed good working relationships with our more remote clients using Skype.

Patent Box

Since April 2013, via the government scheme Patent Box, it has been possible for a UK limited company to reduce (eventually to 10%) the portion of its Corporation Tax which is derived from patented products, processes or systems. The tax incentive is based on profits declared in the UK, wherever they were generated. Invicta IP can help your company with stage one of this process: Applying for a patent. 

Many UK limited companies involved in research and development are able to benefit from R&D tax relief.  Some have used proceeds of a R&D tax reclaim to build their patent portfolio.  It should be noted that R&D tax credits are not limited to companies which are making a profit.  We recommend that advice is taken if your company is carrying out R&D activities.

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