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Due to the ever increasing issues of obsolescence and locating original manufacturers InvisiTech have successfully introduced the topic of RE-ENGINEERING. This is an unlimited service, and applies to mechanics and electronics equally.

InvisiTech Re-Engineering solutions for:

  • Electronics - where the PCB layout is "Missing" but a look alike copy is required
  • Electronics - where the components are obsolete and a new design is required
  • Mechanical Items - sheet metal where inhouse services no longer exist
  • Mechanical Items - simple one part items
  • Mechanical Items - complex assemblies copied


The Ultimate Solution Provider solves all issues related to re-engineering - direct copies or enhanced capabilities - making your life simple.

Electronic Component Obsolescence

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The inability to buy electronic components causes all types of problems in maintenance and manufacturing.

InvisiTech Adaptors are solutions for:

  • Adapting any new component(s) to fit an existing footprint
  • Utilising new components with differing voltages
  • Utilising new components with differing speeds
  • Fitting into very little space (even 0.1mm) - or where the new component is larger
Electronic Component Obsolescence


Our Purpose
We are dedicated to solving your most troubling issues related to obsolescence, purchasing, manufacturing and development. We have used our unique skills of positive and lateral thinking to solve technical problems without failure since 1985.

The Managment Team
David Purdie, Managing Director Shirley Wright, Operations Director
In addition we have an extended team of partner businesses trained and supervised by us to help us give you a solution to any obsolescence, design or development need. If you think it can't be done, get a qualified 2nd opinion. Ask InvisiTech to visit you. David and Shirley will be pleased to listen and then explain how we can assist your company in saving money, whilst you are developing new or supporting older systems.
Our Customers
The original customer base was all mil/Aero electronics companies, but over the last 20 years most low volume and high value industries, including Medical, Formula One and Railways have also used our services.

Our Qualifications
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Audited and approved for use by UK MoD
  • Audited and approved for use by USAF
  • Suppliers to the DLO Supplier to NAMSA (NATO)
  • Previous winner of Sussex Small Business of the Year Award
  • Approval Certificates from Goodrich and Thales
  • Customer retention of over 20 years

Mechanical Obsolescence

Many sizes and styles of solder tag, and pins have been replaced

Invisitech offer a complete mechanical design, drawing and manufacturing service. We believe that no item should ever be regarded as obsolete.

We can provide items in a wide range of materials.

  • Rucksack, Protective Equipment, Belts, Jackets etc.
  • Magnetic Sump Valve
  • High Voltage Switch Plate
  • Radiator and cooling system
Mechanical Obsolescence

PCB Repairs

During the life cycle of long life PCB designs all types of physical damage can occur. InvisiTech will repair all of these problems to a standard that will satisfy the fussiest customer and last the expected life of the PCB at a cost that is economical.

InvisiTech repair solutions for:

  • Lifted pads and tracks
  • Warp and Twist
  • Delaminations
  • Broken laminate and metal-work
  • Worn/damaged gold contacts
  • Burns including multi-layer
  • Repairs to torn and damaged flexi circuits¬†
PCB Repairs

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