Invotec Solutions Ltd.

Invotec Solutions' philosophy is to bring innovative products that add real value to our customers process within the polymer sector. We aim to offer products that give you the extra edge in your manufacturing process, demonstrating quick payback with excellent Service.

Supporting our own range of mould shop consumables we represent the following brands:

Athena Controls Inc - UK and Eire exclusive distribution for the full range of Athena Hot Runner Systems and Panel Controllers.

Smartflow® - Fluid, Mould Safety and Ejector equipment - European distribution for Smartflow (Burger and Brown Eng. Inc.) through our network of European distributors.

IPS Mould Handling Products -  European distribution of Mould Chutes, Skirts, Material Covers and Mould Curtains through our network of European distributors.

Stamixco Static Mixers - UK and Eire exclusive distribution of the full range of Nozzle Static Mixers, Melt blenders and specialist mixing equipment.

Invotec  - Supplying of Nozzles, Tips, Screws, Barrels,  OEM Water Manifolds, Barrels Cleaning Brushes,  Temperature measuring equipment, Magnetic Water Filtration and Scales and Balances.


Invotec Solutions Ltd. Overview