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Interactive Packaging Solutions Limited is the leading provider of customer specific protective packaging solutions with emphasis on cutting edge cushion packaging design and cost effective packaging solutions not only to protect customers’ products but also to promote, identify and communicate corporate information. We use a variety of materials, such as plywood, timber and corrugated cardboard which when combined with protective packaging foams, like polyethylene, polyurethane and polystyrene, provide effective protective packaging.

Service Level

  • High levels of customer satisfaction.
  • To provide quality products, on time and at a competitive price.
  • A design service focussed on cost performance and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Continually improve our systems, manufacturing methods, materials and processes enabling Interactive Packaging Solutions Ltd to be more cost effective than our competitors.

Quality Qualification : BSEN ISO 9001 2008

Polyethylene Packaging

Polyethylene Packaging:  Polyethylene foam is used to give great protection to fragile and expensive items because of its ability to absorb and recover from repeated shocks. Lightweight, clean and recyclable its best choice for protecting vulnerable items.

High Performance Cushion Packaging

High performance cushioning that provides the same or better protection using less material than many alternative packaging materials.
  Reduces packaging costs - less foam results in smaller packs, reducing material and shipping costs
Very resilient - quick recovery from multiple compressions and impacts make it ideal for use in returnable material handling systems
Polyethylene Packaging

Enhanced package aesthetics-clean, attractive appearance enhances product and package image Excellent material yield - Polyethylene can be obtained in large sheets which minimise waste during fabrication, reducing material costs and waste for disposal - we can press multiple items instead of cut-and-weld.   Polyethylene is neater, stronger, less wasteful packaging conferring reduced material costs from which all benefit.

  • Available in a range of standard thicknesses from 10mm - 100mm
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Available in Anti static, coloured and flame retardant grades
  • Various densities available

Polystyrene Packaging

Polystyrene Packaging Solutions : A versatile cushioning material, polystyrene has long been the mainstay of the cushion packaging industry.  With its wide variety of densities and grades it can be engineered for a multiplicity of products giving high levels of protection for shipments without adding significant weight. Nothing else offers the combination of strength, lightness, insulation and durability to protect valuable objects from crystal to computers, from furniture to temperature sensitive medical products.

Processes : Using our Muti Axis computer controlled profilers we can fabricate a range of packaging from simple cut pads to complicated and ornate profiles which either alone or in conjunction with other material, such as corrugated board, enables us to provide effective packaging solutions.

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Polystyrene Packaging

Polyurethane Packaging

Polyurethane Packaging Solutions

Polyurethane is an important material in the design of protective packaging.

Its gentle but firm control protects fragile components during shipping and storage. Various grades of polyether, polyester and reconstituted foam can be fabricated to customers' precise requirements.

Polyurethane Packaging

Polyurethane can be used in the following areas:

  • Computers
  • Ceramics
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewellery
  • Electronics

Corrugated Packaging

We convert both Heavy and standard duty corrugated to suit your requirements and both can be offered in printed, stencilled or plain formats.Corrugated cases provide excellent and cost effective protection. They have build-in strength and rigidity with low weight, bulk, storage and handling characteristics.

Wet strength kraft liners and adhesives ensure optimum performance in adverse conditions such as damp and humid locations, and the construction of board also provides additional cushioning against impacts experienced in everyday handling and transportation.

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Stacking Containers Packaging

These containers can be combined with specialised pressed or routed foam inserts, pads or divider systems to meet the customer's individual need.

Containers can be extended or shortend by using frabrication methods otherwise know as 'Cut & Shut' and the finish product, with fitting are used extensively in  industries such as motor components, aerospace and electronics manufacturing and are suitable for;

  • ‘A’ Surface Components.
  •  Kitting Applications.
  • Toting Applications.
  • Excellent Choice of Materials including Conductive and static dissipative.
  • Low or High Build Quantities.
  • Low Setup cost
Stacking Containers Packaging

Timber and Clip Cases Packaging

At IPS we specialise in the manufacture of bespoke timber and plywood cases and crates. Each solution from standard softwood or plywood can be fitted with polyethylene cushioning foam to give full product protection for items during transportation.

clients operating in sectors such as the military, medical and scientific instruments, for example, look to air freight for its speed and convenience but are also increasingly concerned with the cost-to-consignment ratio.

As UK market leaders in the design and development of protective packaging systems in advanced foams and composites, IPS take a strategic marketing stance where the cost of air freight is factored into the viability of a client’s logistics’ operations.
Timber and Clip Cases Packaging

Machined Inserts Packaging

IPS Ltd can engineer foam inserts to fit any size or type of container by using a variety of processes, including CNC routing, pressing and heat laminating.

Materials such as cross-linked closed cell polyethylene’s can be used as these are light weight, flexible, water and chemical resistant and are available in a variety of densities and colours to meet all customer design requirements. The foam inserts when combined with a suitable case or container can be used for many applications including product protection and transportation, line side production solutions and internal case and tray fitments.

Machined Inserts Packaging

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