IS-Rayfast Ltd

A stocking distributor of high performance Electrical Interconnect and Electro-Mechanical Products, with specialist knowledge within the Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Industrial, Marine and Rail sectors.

Customer Service

Our customer services are focused on meeting customer requirements through the provision of field sales engineering support, market specific Business Managers and Co-ordinators along with specialised Technical Support. Immediate access to in excess of 8000 product lines from an extensive “off the shelf” stock profile for next day delivery as standard, along with our flexible MOQ’s and pack sizes.

Value Added Services

Value added services include a full printing service from ‘The Printing Bureau’ offering the latest printing technology, as well as full harness design software, bespoke connector design, kitting, custom spooling and cut pieces.

Wire, coaxial, data, multi-core and customised cables

Working closely with QPL⁡d manufacturers worldwide, we offer an extensive portfolio of wire and cable products available in a wide range of conductor sizes, constructions and colours, such as primary wire, screened and jacketed multi-core, airframe, coaxial, miniature and custom cables.

Temperature capabilities ranging from -65ºC to +260ºC allows products to be used in a wide variety of markets and applications such as Aerospace and Military-Marine, or Industrial/Commercial applications such as Rail.

Adhesives, fillers, coatings, tapes and cloths

High-performance adhesives, fillers, coatings, tapes and cloths designed for operation under the harshest environmental conditions. Ideally suited for insulating and bonding to an extensive range of materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics, and glass, with the majority offering the advantage of curing at room temperature.

High performance, specialist products for harnesses

Our harness component range of adaptors, assemblies, moulded parts, terminals, and connector accessory products from world leading manufacturers is suitable for your wiring harness applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Space, Defence, Marine and Industrial sectors.

Our products are carefully selected to meet diverse customer requirements as well as international standards and specifications, from individual components to complete integrated solutions for demanding applications. Performance is assured de to rigorous testing.

Tubing and Sleeving for protection in extreme environments

High-performance shrink and non-shrink tubing and sleeving are available in an extensive range of sizes, colours and materials, suitable for applications in numerous sectors. Military and aerospace specifications and approvals products are available, some with zero halogen features.

Cut Piece Service
Many of our tubing products can be supplied pre-cut to length. Please contact our sales office for details.

Connectors & Backshell Adaptors

Working closely with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide we offer a comprehensive range of connectors and associated products for the Defence, Aerospace, Marine and Industrial markets.

High performance sealing and strain relief, for all your connection requirements, from world leading manufacturers, for many applications in industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Industrial and Mass Transit.

Our technical sales team includes specialists by sector and product to provide customers with the best support possible.

IS-Rayfast Ltd Overview