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Isotek is a strategic supplier to large multinational companies in the OIL & GAS MARKET.

The company’s technological expertise stems from its team of highly qualified and experienced engineers providing a broad based engineering background that continues to strengthen as the company expands, ensuring that Isotek’s products and software are developed from a strong engineering foundation.

Company Profile

Isotek Oil and Gas has evolved from Isotek Electronics which was founded in 1978. Isotek Electronics was originally created to design and manufacture computer-based control systems and over the years the company has diversified into a wide area of expertise, including aerospace, turbine blade welding, sub-sea robotics, telemetry systems, industrial controls, microwave filters and vehicle suspension systems.

Originally the majority of the business was in the oil and gas business sectors but more recently, Isotek has invested heavily in microwave filter technology to such an extent that it became necessary to separate out the microwave business from the oil and gas business and form two distinct companies.

Isotek Oil and Gas Limited was created in June 2010 in order to fully exploit the Company's expertise in the offshore industry and all the control system and oil and gas business was transferred to the new company. It continues to reinforce its position in a rapidly developing and highly competitive market through its commitment to providing well-proven, cost effective solutions to complex technical problems.

Isotek Oil and Gas occupies a dedicated site of over 750m2 containing design offices and engineering workshops.

Company Profile

Isotek Oil and Gas Products

Isotek Oil and Gas have been making control systems for sub-sea operations since 1984. One of our key projects, the Pipeline Repair Spread (PRS), is funded by a consortium of oil companies managed by StatoilHydro. Isotek has been involved with the PRS since its concept design and has developed the primary control system's hardware and software.
The PRS is a sub-sea pipeline repair and construction system developed for use in the North Sea. Work on the system began with the development of computer controlled, hyperbaric, mechanised welding. It has been enhanced over the years to enable it to operate at 1000m depth with ongoing design to cope with greater depths and to include:

  • Hyperbaric welding (both remotely operated and diver assisted)
  • Hot Pipeline Tapping
  • Habitat installation, control and telemetry
  • Pipe manipulators
  • Concrete and coating removal
  • Pipe cutting
  • Mechanical coupling installation & operation
  • ROV tooling 
Installation and activation of sub-sea units is via power and communication cables that can be interconnected to other live equipment or connected direct to the surface. The equipment has been deployed on the following fields:
  • Oseberg
  • Gullfaks
  • Snorre-Statfjord
  • Haltenpipe
  • Zeepipe
  • Troll-Zeepipe
  • Sleipner Vest
  • Llangeled
  • Aasgard
  • Ormen Lange
Isotek Oil and Gas Products

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