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Ultrasonic Thickness

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is a non destructive test method for measuring the thickness of a material. The advantages of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is that it can be performed with access to only one side of the material being tested and by using Tritex Gauges you do not have to remove any protective coatings to do the measurement as the gauge ignores the coating and accurately reads the actual thickness of the material, by using the triple echo method of ultrasonic measurement.

The reason for using Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement in this way is to determine the level of corrosion or erosion of a particular material, to main safety and quality standards. Measurements can be set up for metals, plastics, composites, fibreglass, ceramics and glass.

Product Range
Multigauge 5500 with Probe
Multigauge 5500 and Order Probe Separately
Multigauge 5600 with Probe Multigauge 5600 and Order Probe Separately
Ultrasonic Thickness

Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness

Underwater ultrasonic thickness measurement is a non destructive test method for measuring the thickness of a material from one side in the offshore and underwater industries worldwide. The advantage is that it can be performed with access to only one side of the material being tested and with the Tritex gauges you do not have to remove any protective coatings.

The Tritex range of underwater gauges are pressure tested to 500 metres for the 3000, 1000 metres for the 4100 and 4000 metres for the 4400 Multigauge. The reason for using underwater ultrasonic thickness testing is to test the thickness of a material from one side which will also determine if there is any corrosion or erosion of the material being tested, to maintain quality standards requirements.   Product Range Multigauge 3000 with Probe Multigauge 3000 with Probe & Surface Display Unit Multigauge 3000 with Probe & Software Multigauge 4100 ROV with 13mm 2.25 MHz Probe Multigauge 4100 ROV and Order Probe Separately Multigauge 4400 ROV with 13mm 2.25 MHz Probe Multigauge 4400 ROV and Order Probe Separately
Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic thickness gauges use non-destructive testing to measure material thickness. Our range of Multigauge thickness gauges are extremely accurate as they ignore any coatings on the materials being tested to ensure a true thickness measurement. Manufactured to the highest quality in the UK all our gauges come with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Accurate non-destructive testing measurement
  • Quality manufacturer in the United Kingdom
  • 3 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free delivery on All our gauges
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic Probes

Probes for all the Tritex NDT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are supplied in 3 different ranges. The 2.25 MHz probe is designed for heavily corroded metal down to 3mm thickness, whilst for measurements below 3mm the 3.5 MHz and 5 MHz probes are designed for thinner material thickness.

Each probe has a coloured face which determines the probe frequency, thus allowing for quick identification of probe and its measuring range.

Probe Frequency 2.25 MHz 3.5 MHz 5 MHz
Measuring Range 3 - 250 mm (0.120” to 10”) 2 - 150 mm (0.080” to 6”) 1 - 50 mm (0.040” to 2”)
Probe Size 13 mm (0.5”) & 19 mm (0.75”) 13 mm (0.5”) 6 mm (0.25”) & 13 mm (0.5”)
Probe Face Colour Yellow Green Blue

The standard probe that is supplied with all kits is the 13 mm 2.25 MHz probe, due to it’s versatility in all applications and its good performance on corroded metal.

All Tritex probes have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR) which transmits data from the probe to the gauge so that it is instantly recognised. This includes data such as the probe serial number, frequency, size and the unique signature of the probe. The gauge uses this information to automatically adjust settings to match the probe to the gauge to achieve the best performance.

One other very important point is that all Tritex probes are supplied as single crystal soft faced probes. One of the key advantages of this is that the gauge does not need to be calibrated for different measuring ranges.

Ultrasonic Probes

Ultrasonic Accessories

As we are authorised distributors for Tritex we have access to all spares and accessories for the full rage of Multigauges. If you require a spare that is not listed then click here to send an e mail requesting the spare part you require.

Ultrasonic Accessories

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