ITmelon is a company specialised in PC and laptop repairs and we’re looking for technicians in the whole of UK to join us. Partnership offer is open to talented IT students, technicians and those already in the business with solid experience with hardware as well as software. There’re numerous advantages such as 1000 professional business cards, priority in getting contracts in your area (hence limited availability), constant ads on Google and Facebook and full professional support. We guarantee that such new marketing campaign will open you up for new business and you’ll have more clients in. Just think how much you could gain and call us for a quote. Hurry, there’s limited availability (limited places per towns)! Now, you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on advertising, for a tiny fraction of that price you will have everything professionally organised and you can just focus on repairs while we do the rest. Email us for a quote or call us for details – 01494 529253.

ITmelon Overview