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For over a decade, here at Ivojo we have supplied audio visual equipment for households, education and film and broadcast industries. We specialise in many AV solutions that include many projection routing and switch products from many top manufacturers.

Matrix switches are a prime product example we hold in our stock list. They enable various input sources to switch to various outputs, and we can supply the following types of matrix switches:

  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • Component/RGB
  • Composite
  • Twisted Pair
  • S-Video
  • RS-232
  • IEEE1394 Firewire
  • Audio
  • Frames/Frame models


We will help you choose from over 300 proven projector solutions for your business presentations and training. Our expert advice will guide you to choose the right projector for the right budget whether you are a peripatetic presenter with a small audience or need to projector onto auditorium screens to a thousand people.

Professional Projector Screens

One of the most important elements in a projected presentation is the surface you are projecting on to. High quality professional projector screens make the difference between a bright, crisp image and a dull, soft image your audience will struggle to see. Professional projector screens for business, education and the film/broadcast industries will turn your presentation into an event to remember

AV Distribution

Whether you need to split your signal over multiple displays or send it over distances from 5 to 500 metres, we have the perfect AV components providing solutions from Epson, Gefen, Casio and many more leading brands. Our AV components supply numerous solutions from twisted pair, fibre optic and wireless for HDMI, DVI, SDI, and component transcoding and interfacing.

AV Switching

Our unmatched range of AV switching solutions span from matrix and composite switches through to S-video and audio products. For switching multiple sources to a single display, our portfolio of AV switching solutions represents a multitude of AV systems so you can rest assured your requirements are fulfilled with us.

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