James Ince and Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd


Our  family-run business has been manufacturing umbrellas since 1805. Whilst maintaining our traditional quality values we can  offer the experience and flexibility required to produce a top  quality product suited to the needs of the 21st century.

As a family run company we can offer a full logo printing service  and fulfilment of order from one site, providing a flexible, efficient and friendly service you can rely on.

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Our Impressive Range Of Umbrellas Includes

  • Promotional  Golf and Sport Umbrellas, Traditional  Walking Umbrellas,
  • Garden Umbrellas,
  • Specialist Workplace Umbrellas,
  • Doorman Umbrellas, and
  • Film & Theatre Props

Fox Classic Golf Umbrellas

  • Quality British Made Fox Frame
  • Black or silver frame
  • Wide range of fabric Colours
  • Choice of Handles
  • Choice of Sizes
  • Full in-house Screen Printing
  • Traditional elegant style

Hoyland Sport Umbrellas

  • Quality British Made frames
  • Wide range of fabric Colours
  • Choice of Handles
  • Choice of Sizes
  • Windproof Frames
  • Full in-house Screen Printing

Imported Umbrellas

  • Full sized Golf umbrellas
  • Competitively priced
  • Limited range of Colours
  • Full screen printing service 

Theatre and Film Props

For many years James Ince have been supplying the Film and Theatre industry. From the Royal National Theatre and various West End shows to James Bond and Harry Potter - all have had our umbrellas as props. We work closely with designers and have produced an unrivalled array of products, both practical and bizarre. 

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Doormans Umbrellas

For over 200 years doormen have used these impressive umbrellas to shelter guests at doorways and carriages. Relatively unaltered since then, the James Ince Doorman umbrella retains the traditional features of these classic umbrellas, being handmade in our workshop. It is probably the most impressive umbrella in manufacture today.

  • Handmade throughout
  • Our own manufacture
  • Solid, hardwood shaft and handle
  • Hand-turned brass runner and beechwood handle
  • Waterproof cover
  • Choice of fabric colours
  • Generous size

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