James Walker Moorflex Ltd

James Walker Moorflex manufactures and supplies one of the most comprehensive ranges of high performance gaskets.  It backs this with a 24-hour emergency service for industry, plus production and service facilities throughout the world.

Mainstream products include Metaflex® spiral wound and Metakamm® Kammprofile-type gaskets, for flange sealing where temperature, pressure, flow rates and vibration are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials. Its Moorside® metal ring joints are available to API 6A (oilfield use) and ASME B16.20 (general use) standards. Numerous other gaskets are also manufactured.

Its products are widely used by the oil and gas, metallurgical, chemical processing, power generation and marine industries. Specific grades of Metaflex®, Metakamm® and Metcom® gaskets are TA-Luft certified for VOC fugitive emission control.
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