Jarville Jungle Community Interest Company


Jarville Jungle organises craft activities for patients suffering from a range of mental health issues.  These activities are usually based around animals and can involve pottery, papier-mâché, drawings, models, music, movement and dance.  

Craft activities for mental health patients

There is nothing better than seeing children or adults on the autistic spectrum smiling and forgetting their personal space; dementia and Alzheimer sufferers suddenly finding a distant memory of something they did with their children when they usually don’t remember they exist; watching people with severe anxiety and depression physically changing as they participate in group activities; looking at a large structure created by adults with severe learning difficulties.

Employability skills course

Jarville Jungle has projects which increase employability for those who have never worked or been out of work for a long time.   We teach ICT skills in a fun way which gives practice, experience and a portfolio of work, building on existing skills.  We can also deliver workshops focussing on self-esteem, social skills, budgeting, literacy, numeracy and personal planning.

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