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Here at Jasun Envirocare, we specialise in supplying high quality air filters worldwide via our comprehensive website. We pride ourselves in our history and reputation as a provider of quality bespoke and standard filtration products and services.

We are one of the UKs leading air filter manufacturers and are dedicated to continuous environmental improvement. Our unrivaled filtration solutions meet CIBSE, BSRIA and HVCA requirements.

Our services include:

  • Full air filter range, all manufactured in the UK offering single source
  • Eurovent guaranteed performance
  • Free nationwide visits by our experienced air filter specialists
  • Nationwide and Worldwide delivery
  • HEVAC air filter range from G3 to F9
  • HEPA range and specialist 'Clean Room' products from H10 to U17
  • Spray Booth Filters
  • Kitchen Ventilation: Grease Filters and Odour Reduction Systems (carbon)
  • Odour and Fume Abatement Systems, activated carbon filters and units
  • Filtration units and housings including safe change and side access
  • Validation and certification of Clean Rooms and Containment Systems
  • Full Retrofit Service for any filter brand or equipment
  • Non-standard and custom sizes manufactured to short lead times
  • Design and custom service for OEMs
  • Customer own labelling available for re-sellers
  • Supply & Fit programmes or Auto-delivery contracts
  • Energy Reduction Programmes - free consultation nationwide
  • Certified disposal with Waste Licence.

Clean Air Management Services

We assist with the provision of clean air management services to maintain healthy and safe working environments for your employees and customers. Good clean air management services will improve air quality and reduce negative impacts on the health such as tiredness, lethargy, headaches, and dry or itchy skin and eye irritation.

Our services include:

  • Mechanical cleaning of air conditioning ductwork to HVCA TR/19 requirements, to ensure energy reductions or minimal use of energy due to clean resistance free systems
  • Access doors and fire dampers supplied and fitted
  • Air quality management and ongoing monitoring of air ductwork systems including sampling and logbooks
  • Biocidal disinfection of ductwork systems
  • Mechanical cleaning of kitchen extract systems
  • Fire Damper Maintenance and Validation to the latest Fire Risk Assessment standards
  • Inspection and Certification of LEV Systems maintained to HSG54
  • All air hygiene works comply with HVCA TR/19 guidance - a specific requirement by insurance companies with regard to Kitchen Extract Systems and TM: 26
  • Ventilation hygiene risk assessments, also (VHRA) for Indoor Air Quality monitoring.
  • Filtration units and housings including safe change and side access
  • Validate maintenance practices regime

Water Hygiene Services

We are specialists in water hygiene services and provide traditional methods of monitoring including cleaning, disinfection and refurbishment of commercial water systems, as well as ingenious ‘Continuous Control Systems’. Our water hygiene services and practices are designed to meet individual site requirements for the full range of commercial, industrial, leisure and healthcare premises.

Our services include:

  • Water system Legionella risk assessment to ACOPs L8
  • Member of the LCA (Legionella Control Association)
  • All aspects of Legionella Control and ACOP's L8 carried out by in-house staff and 'independent laboratories' are used for sample testing - Logbook maintenance is available
  • Hot and cold water monitoring and inspection services
  • Cleaning and disinfection of hot and cold water systems and chemical de-scaling of water systems
  • Microbiological sampling.
  • Upgrade and refurbishment of water systems, complete with tank cleans and chlorination
  • Logbook maintenance programmes with custom-built contracts to customer's requirements
  • Minor pipe and pump alterations
  • Our staff carry out all air hygiene and water hygiene works
  • All remedial works relating to tank liners, replacement tanks, water softeners, pipe work alterations to Byelaw 30 standards can be undertaken.
  • Calorifier monitoring and disinfection
  • Pre-commission cleaning, biocide washing and dynamic flushing of closed systems to BSRIA AG 1/2001.1

Hevac Air Filters

We manufacture and supply a fantastic selection of hevac air filters. Our hevac air filters include panel filters, bag filters, neatpleat filters, media polyfoam, pad frames, and ultimapleat.

Commercial Kitchen Filters

We stock an assortment of commercial kitchen filters. Our commercial kitchen filters include grease mesh type and grease baffle type filters.

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