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At Javalin Network Services, we can offer a complete range of computer network services from benching for IT suites to the sales and installation of interactive whiteboards and projectors for the education sector.

As one of the leading network infrastructure installers in the south of England, we have vast experience in many computer network solutions with more details available on our website.

Wireless Networking

Our wireless networking services are designed to help you find a bespoke network that meets your needs. We strive to provide you with efficient streamline wireless networking solutions to overcome major bottlenecks with first class reliability.

Wireless LAN Solutions

We have a direct aim to provide wireless LAN solutions that overcome the reliability and throughput issues associated with the past. Secure access for guests is included with wireless technology that just works without fuss. More information on our wireless LAN solutions are found in detail on our website.

Wired Network

We can supply a wide variety of wired network hardware and where possible supply products with a lifetime warranty. Our Draft N solutions provide up to 300mbps delivering almost the performance of a wired network with the all the flexibility of wireless, and we showcase many other key benefits of N Band wireless solutions on our website.

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