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We are experts in the development and manufacture of worm drive hose clips, also known as worm gear hose clamps. Worm drive hose clips are regarded as the highest quality clip available.

Our worm drive hose clips are made to be robust and tough and are manufactured to BS5315 and have BSI Kitemark and N.A.T.O. approvals.

The standard version of the worm drive hose clip is made from zinc-plated mild steel and is used in many industries.

Stainless Hose Clips

Our stainless hose clips (hose clamps) are made completely of 18/8 marine grade stainless steel and are ideally suited for applications where there is salt water.

Our stainless hose clips have been the industry standard for uses in corrosive conditions for many years and their reliability and performance is first class. Our stainless hose clips are Lloyd's Register Type Approval for use in offshore, marine and industrial use.

Hi-Grip Wing Screw

We produce the hi-grip wing screw clips made to provide a solution to uses where the hose has to be taken off regularly.

With our hi-grip wing screw hose clips, you also get a plastic wing plate that helps get a greater degree of tightness with unprotected fingers. They also give excellent sealing and have a unique dovetailing design to give a firm fixture.

We find our hi-grip wing screw hose clips in the garden, home, laboratory, and industry sectors.

Hose Clips Packaging

Our hose clips packaging options include many ways to help the reseller and end user alike. For hose clips packaging for the reseller, the packs come in carton of 10 pieces with blocks of 100 pieces.

Zinc-plated clips are packed in blue cartons and stainless options are packed in green ones.

For medium OEM users and resellers, our hose clip packaging also provides bags packed in quantities of 50, 25 or 10 pieces, depending on the size of the clips.

For larger customers we can provide bulk hose clips packaging in corrugated cardboard boxes.

Sign Fixing Clamps

We manufacture sign fixing clamps suitable for all types of round, square, hexagonal or any unique shaped application. Our sign fixing clamps are ideal for speedy and reliable fixing every time.

Our sign fixing clamps are available in diameters from 55mm to 340mm. They also do not have sharp edges to snag or catch. They can also be easily re-used and adjusted.

Bespoke Clips

We also manufacture bespoke clips and clamps for many different applications. These applications are usually where our standard hose clips can be altered to suit the new intended use.

We can however -- when the demand is high enough -- manufacture bespoke clips that are to your specification. Please check with us and we would be happy to work with you on your bespoke clips.

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