JennyChem Industrial Chemicals

A family-run business which has been in operation for more than 25 years so we can boast a wealth of knowledge in our industry, as well as fantastic business relationships. We continually conduct research into new and improved technologies and sciences to ensure our cleaning solutions offer the very best results your money can buy.

Traffic Film Remover

Traffic Film Remover is a highly concentrated solution which cuts through the toughest dirt and grime. When it comes to vehicles which are in operation on a daily basis and vehicles which cover miles of road every day, the dirt and grime build up is inevitably thick and difficult to remove.

Most of the regular products on the market, which are used by Joe Public on their own private vehicles, are just not able to tackle the substances picked up from the heavy duty exertion which buses and coaches are exposed to.

Traffic Film Remover

Adblue and Accessories

Supplying a range of Adblue and Accessories

  • Adblue 10 Litre 
  • Adblue Dispensing Sprout for 25LTR/10LTR Containers
  • Adblue 25 Litre 
  • Adblue 210 Litre



Adblue and Accessories

Air Freshener

Supplying a range of Air Freshener

  • Concentrate Re Odouriser Liquid
  • Dashboard Silicone Spray
  • Hanging Heart Air Freshener Cards
  • 60ml Air Freshener Aromatherapy 
Air Freshener

Antifreeze & Winter Consumables

Supplying a range of Antifreeze & Winter Consumables

  • Ready to use Screenclean
  • Screenclean Super 
  • Longlife Antifreeze Red BS65580 - Long Life 
  • Yellow Grit Salt Bin
Antifreeze & Winter Consumables

Bin Bags and General Cleaning Products

Supplying a range of Bin Bags and General Cleaning Products

  • UNIWIPE Multi Purpose Wipes
  • Brillo Soap Filled Pads
  • Heavy Duty Kitchen Tea
  • Yellow Premium Dusters 
Bin Bags and General Cleaning Products

Brooms and Squeegies

Supplying a range of Brooms and Squeegies

  • Hygiene Dust Pan and Brush Set 
  • Heavy Duty Platform Broom (Basine hard) Handled and Stayed
  • Heavy Duty Platform Broom Handled and Stayed - COCO SOFT 
  • Wooden Floor Squeegees Handled and Stayed 
Brooms and Squeegies

Bumper Shine

Supplying a range of Bumper Shine

  • Plastic Bumper Gel - Blue 
  • Plastic Bumper Gel - Green


Exterior Polishes and Waxes

Supplying a range of Exterior Polishes and Waxes

  • Original T-Cut 
  • Cut N Shine 
  • Orange Quick Wax 
  • Supreme Polish
Exterior Polishes and Waxes

Eye Wash and First Aid

Supplying a range of Eye Wash and First Aid 

  • 1-50 Person Medical First Aid Kit
  • 1-20 Person First Aid Kit 
  • 10 Person First Aid Kit 
  • Single Person First Aid Kit
Eye Wash and First Aid

Fire Extinguishers

Supplying a range of Fire Extinguishers

  • Vehicle Fire Extinguishers Cabinet 
  • Fire Extinghisher CO2
  • Foam Fire Extinguishers 
  • Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


Fire Extinguishers


Supplying a range of Sanitisers 

  • Steriquat 816 Fragranced 
  • Brick, Concrete & Patio Cleaner 
  • Formula 7 Acid Inhibited 
  • Weedex Super 

Solvent Degreasers & Tar Removers

Supplying a range of Solvent Degreasers & Tar Removers 

  • Tarmove Super - Dissolves Tar and Glue 
  • BEST SELLER - Solclean Super - orange Solvent Degreaser
  • De-Solve-IT Super - Premium Odourless Degreaser
  • Degreaser Special - Economical Degreaser
Solvent Degreasers & Tar Removers

Workwear Clothing

Supplying a range of Workwear Clothing

  • Breathable Hydrosoft Wetsuit 
  • Two Piece Weatherproof Suit 
  • Bodywarmer
  • Waistcoat - Hi-Viz 
Workwear Clothing

Workshop Products

Supplying a range of Workshop Products

  • Supplying a range of Workshop Products
  • Super Brake & Clutch Cleaner 
  • Maintenance Spray Aerosol 400ml (Like WD40)
  • Panel Wipe
Workshop Products

Valeting Supplies

Supplying a range of Valeting Supplies 

  • Bug and Tar Remover 
  • T-Shirt Cloths
  • Sweatshirt Clothes
  • Cotton Cloth
Valeting Supplies

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