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Thinking of selling your Business or Requiring Operational Consultancy:

We are interested in talking, in strict confidence to Owners, Shareholders, Vendors or Acquirers.

Our Approach:

Years of experience has enabled us to really understand what is most important to a successful transaction and helped to secure “our clients objectives". Our essential steps guide to a successful sales process ensures a professional service is delivered, with personal support and attention to detail.

Stage One:- Planning:

Evaluation & fact finding
Approve shareholders objectives & timetable
Agreement on confidentiality & non disclosure agreement
Completion of relevant financial & business details including key benefits to the buyer
Draft information memorandum/term sheets & agree with clients

Stage Two:- Marketing:

Produce buyer list with clients input
Circulate teaser to list of professional targets
Marketing campaign agreed with clients
Complete shortlist of preferred bidders

Stage Three:- Buyer Meetings & Offers:

Advise and guide clients prior to buyer meetings
Details gathered from serious bidders
Agree shortlist of potential buyers

Stage Four:- Buyer Selection:

Agree preferred bidder with client, based on price & deal structure, impact on company personnel, desire to complete the deal on time
Agree heads of terms
Instruct advisers ( Legal, Tax, Accountancy)

Stage Five:- Deal Completion:

Agree and manage all timetables
Advise on sale and purchase agreement
Interface with all advisers during completion
Sale completed

What are "The Right Steps" To Success:

The essential steps to a successful sales approach are proven to deliver results. These are, a simple plan, combined with expertise and a focused application to all details of the process. Our clients’ needs and objectives are at the centre of all we do.

Our Services:

We are a transaction focused company with the personal touch. Our clients' needs and objectives are at the centre of all we do and our services include;

1- Strategic & Operational Business Consultation:

Understanding the Company, its business, operations, and management, in particular reviewing its customers, suppliers, product opportunities and personnel, to include an executive summary on observations, conclusions and recommendations and exit route strategies. Competitor Intelligence gathering, including site assessments, as well as 360° customer service surveys & bespoke mystery shop reports.

2- Evaluation of Shareholders and Clients Objectives:

Acting for Vendors or Acquirers, understanding price expectations, confidentiality, timings and future priorities for the company and its personnel.

3- Marketing Strategy & Deal Structures:

Use of marketing material to identify potential buyers based on analysis and evaluation of the company’s. Advising on structure of the Transaction, and preparation of the necessary documentation, which may include Information Memorandum or term sheets. Formulation of preferred bidders with clients, evaluating bids and assisting on negotiations.

4- Merger & Acquisition Integration Planning:

The key to effective merger & acquisition integration is planning. When you acquire a company you have to integrate it into your operations, as per your pre acquisition plan. This can be very challenging & you must tailor your actions to the nature of the deal as you strive to create value through synergies within personnel, customers, products and costs. We work alongside your integration team directing the process with clear, precise actions, advising, monitoring & benchmarking the process to your own strategic plans and timetable.

5- Commercial Introductions:

We can offer commercial introductions to experts in the field of finance; human resources, information technology, real estate & procurement.

6- Analysis & Evaluation of the Company:

Preparation of, and assisting in preparing materials relevant to meetings, which may include , investment memorandum, management presentations, financial projections, due diligence documentation.

7- Deal Completions:

Agree, monitor and project manage timetables. Lead negotiations as well as providing additional negotiation advice & support throughout the transaction process, in conjunction with your other professional advisers.


"Intelligent, balanced, incisive and personable: in all my encounters with Jim over something like 15 years I have always been impressed with his grasp of the market, his knowledge of business dynamics and his innate understanding of human nature. I have to say I've also very much enjoyed his company on a social basis. Jim has always been a superb ambassador for his firm and a valuable addition to any business meeting. Not a man who speaks for the sake of speaking. But a man who is always worth listening to".

Chris Pateman, Managing Director, The Builders Merchants Federation

"Jim is one of the best connected people I know. A down to earth, practical guy, he is a good bloke to know."

Clive Bawden, Business Development Director, Catalyst Corporate Finance

"I worked with Jim during the time I was involved with a number of acquisitions on behalf of my company. Jim was a great person to work with and had a wealth of knowledge around acquisitions. It was interesting to note that although his work was within the Building Distribution Industry his help and advice concerning my targets was relevant and extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim as a consummate acquisition professional in any setting".

Bruce Slark, Sales and Service Director Healthcare Division, Sunlight Service Group

"I worked with Jim Collins during his time as Development Director at Jewson. Jim demonstrated great dedication to his role and significant financial knowledge and acumen. I was particularly impressed by the negotiation skills he demonstrated during the acquisition of takeover targets. Jim has an instinctive understanding of how businesses work and how the people within them operate".

Steve Millward, Chair of Pension Trusties

"Jim is refreshingly straight forward and a seasoned negotiator. Very capable of seeing the bigger picture and appreciating what is important when negotiating a deal. Intuitive and personable ... you'll like him"

Paul Bevan, Corporate Finance Director - RSM Tenon

"Jim is the consummate professional - loyal, skilled and sensitive to how he involved himself in the acquisition process and it was encouraging (but not surprising) to find these qualities consistent when we moved from being on the target side of an acquisition to working alongside Jim for 7years or more. I would not hesitate to recommend Jims skills and high standards of loyalty to anyone considering how he would add to their business".

Stephen Bassett, Managing Director, Bassetts - Bathrooms, Heating, Tiles

"I have known and worked with Jim for over 15 years. His personal and professional conduct is of the highest standard; he does what he says and he does it well. He has good people skills, builds meaningful and enduring relationships and has a sound commercial judgement coupled with an eye for detail. A very committed and able manager".

Simon Carin, Managing Director, Solaglas

"I had the pleasure to work with Jim extensively while working at Saint-Gobain in the UK and Ireland. Jim has always been extremely dedicated to his company, and presents a unique combination of operational insight, financial awareness and outstanding negotiation skills, not to mention a very outgoing personality and a great sense of humour... all of which are key for maintaining a very good relationship with peer companies in the marketplace, detecting market opportunities, and successfully performing acquisition transactions. I would be glad to work with him again, and would not hesitate to recommend him to potential clients as a great asset and top-notch performer".

Laurent Sciama, Director Strategic Planning and Business Development (UK), and Director International Studies, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution

Our Mission Statement:

To provide a professional service throughout the sale and purchase process ensuring that we achieve and exceed our clients ultimate business sale objectives

If you would like to talk to us in strict confidentiality please make contact via email jim@jimcollins.co.uk or visit our website for further details. http://www.jimcollins.co.uk

Look forward to talking to you soon.

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